People Forget #Kindness Is Free

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Bees’ll buzz and I’ll afford their organic honey cuz…I’ll be doing whatever rich and famous folks do…Sportin’ a healthy bank account, not blown away by emergencies. Da da… Da doo…A bah bah ba baba boo! and money are both so intense
Put ’em together, it never, ever makes sense!
Rat dadat dadat dadat dadadadadoo
Anonymity’s the best time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in ‘attention’ and I’ll be a happily overexposed attention wh…oh, umm, writer/blogger!So when life gets rough, I persist by frantically grabbing my dreams of not just wallowing in obscurity…Oh the sky will be blue and you guys’ll be there too!!! When I ever do what obscure folks do with attention!

Choose love, hope, peace, kindness (people often forget it’s free), laughter, compassion, family, friends, helping others when you can…naps and cake (not necessarily in that order).

In a world seemingly ruled…

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autism acceptance month

Please watch this video….It will change your day….

💞 with love, dot i/0. 💞

went on YouTube and saw this video from Apple. now I’m no salesman, but computers do help tremendously in bridging the communication gaps of people with difficulties. 🙂

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A WordPress Summit


It was a day full of “S” words when Nutsrok met up with Van by the River.

summit 3 Van and Linda. July 2015.





SEPTA Stations.

Strangers on a train.

S.O.S. (That’s creamed chipped beef, but we all know its other name)

Smoked Salmon.


Hat 1 Paper hat with flowers.Not the cap on Van’s arrival.

hat 2 Nutsrok as the blushing bride. Nothing but net.

Silly Shopping.


Straw hats.


Serial killers ?



Still Smiling.

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