The Thought Process.

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The thought process;

In this moment in time, there is no past and no future.

There is only the “now”.

All else is out of your control.

Let go of everything.

Block the noise.

Focus on your goals, work hard, meditate, eat, sleep, breath, repeat.

You can’t control what other people do or say. Don’t spend an ounce of energy it.

Right now, you just have to focus.




Everything else will eventually fall into place.

Xx. ParParV

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April Poetry Month – 50 Words Story – Inner voice

Beautiful Work by Carolina Russo



Inner Voice

The calming sound of nature was only interrupted by the noise of my steps hitting the ground walking up the hills following an unknown trail. Suddenly the thoughts  in my mind were freed and unlocked while breathing wilderness in the wind. Let go was the insistent inner voice I was hearing.


©Copyright Carolina Russo


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