Is Your Blog As Friendly As You Think It Is?

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Just imagine it’s your first day here on Planet Blog and you and everyone else with you hears the words “Hands up all those that want 1,000 followers.” What percentage of people in your group do you think would put up their hand?

When we start our journey in the world of blogging, getting as many followers as possible is very important to all of us.  Why write and blog if nobody is going to read what we have to say?

So we’ve managed to gain lots of followers and we want more, yet we seem to also be losing followers.  I wonder why?

I learned very quickly that building and maintaining your very own blogging community is an important aspect of blogging and one of the easiest ways to start losing followers is by not acknowledging those followers that leave comments.  In my time as a blogger I’ve seen this…

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Need More to Love this Week? (#3)

Blog recommendations from Living a Beautiful Life 2014

Living a Beautiful Life

Here is a sampling of my favorite posts this week.  Some of them were posted this week, others are older posts that I enjoyed this week.  In no particular order:

1)  H at hschlagen shares his drawings in his series My Blakean Year, including Death on the Blanket.

2)  Allyson at allysonbcallahan writes about the madness inside in Semblance of a Poem.

3)  Rob at robertmgoldstein reveals an often-overlooked world in his photograph Transformation.

4)  Pamela at inthegazeoftheother shares thoughts on a self-described shadow writer in I am not Susan Sontag.

5)  James at audiosexxx takes some photos from the Hubble telescope and creates The Universe is a Void Screaming to be Filled.

6)  Blue290 at lastminuteman writes about going out into the world and exploring again in Other Roads.

7)  Black Mutts at blackmutts shares a Lime photo and poem in Gone But Not…

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Dear Santa, I Can Explain…12 Links of Christmas Blog Party

Christmas blog party on yadadarcyyada

yadadarcyyada the Christmas lights on, it’s less dangerous. Here we are now, entertain us. I feel dazed, not contagious. Here we are now, entertain us…I’m worse at what I do best And for this gift, I feel blessed… Our little blogging group has always been. And always will until the end. HoHo, HoHo, HoHo, HoHo, HoHo, HoHo. Ummm, Smells like Christmas spirit?

In a kind of Welcome-to-the-Christmas-Jungle-type way, it’s been a strange few weeks, so Dear Santa, I Can Explain….

1. I’ve fought a prolonged battle with a vicious cold, it almost won, until I released my dragons, ok, it was chicken soup, but it was epic. I overindulged in great gently used ‘finds’, tea with seniors, and raffles – if loving Christmas Bazaars is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

3. I fell out of bed (and not in a fun way), luckily no serious injuries, but it…

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