An Interview with Harold Norse, Part 4: This is going to be Psycho Drama

In this short clip Norse and I are completely relaxed and
in animated conversation.

Norse answers the question I posed at the close of part 3 by
reminding me of a discussion we had before I moved in.

“I said Rob, this is going to be Psycho Drama; not literature class’

My voice in section 4 of the Interview is younger and I detect
a Southern accent.

It’s Bobby’s voice.

It’s odd to hear an alternate’s voice.

It’s also odd  to read an account of an evening I spent
in 1987 with writer, Darell Yates-Rist .

Rist was traveling the United States to write Heartlands,
his book about being gay in America.

I agreed to give him a night tour of San Francisco.

Rist published Heartlands in 1992.

He describes the Cottage I shared with Norse on Albion Street.

Rist died from HIV in 1993.

Part four of the interview with Norse picks up where part three ended.

It’s brief and ends when Norse leaves to feed a parking meter.

An Interview with Harold Norse, Part 4.

An Interview with Harold Norse, Part 1.

An Interview with Harold Norse, Part 2.

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The Wet Sheets

Warning: this piece contains strong language


Art by Rob Goldstein
The Wet Sheets

A sliver of glass

I leapt from my Father’s

eye reflecting

a Mother that

didn’t exist.

Cigarette butts rose

to Heaven and thundered

to form my torso.

Dust ran through the

umbilicus and collected

to form fingers and lips.

Here is my birth:

In the projects of


Daddy beat

off and I


on the ceiling.

Now bound in

cords of placenta

morphine seeps into

my veins.

I await my birth.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Self Portrait-Number 9


Rob Goldstein (c) 2016