5 Day Music Challenge, Day 3: A Gorgeous Surprise

Thanks to Danica from Living the Beautiful Life for nominating me for the Five-day Music challenge.

The Rules are:

Post a song a day for five consecutive days.
Post what the lyrics mean to you.  (Optional)
Post the name of the song and video
Nominate two (or one) different blogger each day of the challenge

I love unexpected discoveries and one of my favorite sites for treasure hunts is the Internet Archives.

I found this yesterday and decided to make it my post for today.

Wendy Sayvetz is a street musician who performs in New York’s Grand Central Station.

Here is a brief bio:

For the past 6 years, this folk/pop urban troubadour has been heard in regular performance on the Tennessee marble stage of Grand Central Station’s magnificent main concourse, stranding encircling throngs of commuters with her crystal melodic command of eleven million cubic feet of beaux-arts space. Through her “steady gig” in New York City’s Arts for Transit/Music Under New York program, Wendy has recorded four albums in response to audience demand, selling 11,000 copies to date without any commercial distribution. In addition, her public performances have expanded to an ever-widening circle of clubs, coffeehouses, and concert series. Wendy has appeared on National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition Sunday”, CNN affiliate Nippon TV’s “New York Forefront”, CBS television special “Grand Central Nonstop”, many local and regional radio shows, and in a nationally syndicated feature article originally published in New York Newsday.

Artist Bio: Internet Archives

Go And Catch a Falling Star


My nominees are:


Sheldon Kleeman

The Treasure Trove Award from Living the Beautiful Life

Graphic of a treasure chest with the words treasure trove award written on it
The Treasure Trove Award

These are my nominees for Danica’s Treasure Trove Award.

They are in no particular order of preference.

Many of the people on this list are frequent visitors to
my blog.

Danica’s award is an opportunity for me to say thank you.
to as many people as I can although my gratitude extends
  well beyond this list. 

If you haven’t seen Danica’s blog, now’s your chance:  Living a Beautiful Life

The rules are nothing.

You don’t have to do a thing.

The Award is a gift of appreciation.



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