53. Thoughts: Orlando & LGBTQ+ Community

A heartfelt tribute

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This is just another post of me rambling about random things that are really bugging me right now.

So, last week, my idol who was a musician, a YouTuber, and a contestant on The Voice that I really loved but never talked about, Christina Grimmie, got shot in Orlando and died. She was on a meet and greet with her fans, and it was kind of made me cry when I read about that news. She truly didn’t deserve that.

On the same week, shootings happened at a gay bar during pride month in Orlando. 50 people died, and 53 people injured.

I just wanted to talk about those two events that happened in the same week.


I have never been so thrown or so torn up, or so deeply impacted by something, as much as this.

I didn’t know these people who died. Obviously there are people out there…

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A Friend from LGBTQ Community Reacts to Mass Shooting,Etc.

We are all equal and share the same blood. We should be United and embrace all kinds of people, no matter their skin color, race, gender or sexual orientation. God made us to love one another. We must stand up and stop this hatred and this uncalled for violence.

Life of an El Paso Woman

wp-1465796101895.jpgPhoto from Twitter

Hi everyone. Like several other cities worldwide, hundreds of El Pasoans came together at San Jacinto Plaza and the El Paso County Courthouse on Sunday. The crowd mourned the loss of the 50 people who were shot and killed at the gay Orlando nightclub, Pulse Sunday morning. Fifty three patrons were also injured during the mass shooting. I watched the local videos online. The events were beautiful yet tear jerking. Bag pipers played “Amazing Grace” and local LGBTQ leaders spoke about the day’s tragic events and uniting as a country. June 12, 2016 goes down as the worst mass shooting on United States soil.

I had to explain to my son what was going on. Being the curious kid he is, he kept asking me questions like “Why did this happen?” “Who did they do this to and where?” I did the best I could to answer his questions. I…

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Saturday Evening Interview 6-4-16

Lisa A. interviewed me on Life of an El Paso Woman. She is one of my favorite bloggers and she lives in one of my favorite cities!

Life of an El Paso Woman

wp-1465089493220.jpgA photo Rob took for Pride in his hometown, San Francisco. 

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is going well! Today’s interview is with fellow blogger and friend, Rob Goldstein from Art by Rob Goldstein. Since meeting Rob here, I’ve always been interested in his art, photography, writing and creativity. Rob’s lived an interesting life. His interview intrigued me. It also made me shed a few tears. Since June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month in the U.S., I’ll be featuring interviews and guest posts by bloggers from the LGBTQ community. Rob spoke with me about his blog, art, life, etc. You can check out his blog here. Please help me welcome Rob to Life of an El Paso Woman! 


ME: How long have you been blogging? I began to blog consistently in October of 2014, so a little less than two years.

ME: How…

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I will no longer be silent

(you are less natural than we, in your fixed hate and bigotry)