Rob Goldstein: Featured on Beyond Your Past

I’m proud that I’m this week’s featured podcast on Beyond Your Past.

I have a multiplicity of conflicting opinions about everything including
my diagnosis.

These conflicts manifest as a pattern of symptoms that affect productivity.

Learning to cope with these symptoms is a primary treatment goal.

This is the core of this week’s podcast with Matt Pappas.

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Do Your Alters Agree with the Diagnosis of DID?

2011 Blackerry shot of a graffiti mural in San Francisco's Mission District


The Beyond Your Past Podcast is hosted by Certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and Mental Health Advocate, Matthew Pappas. He is also the founder of, a blog in support of all who have survived the Trauma of Abuse.


Beyond your past is a great resource for people with C-PTSD and other trauma related symptoms.

‘Portrait of Rob Goldstein #25’ and Campos (c) Rob Goldstein 2019


We survive and continue

survivor road

fearful, abandoned, lost, alone
yesterday’s feelings still echo loudly
down the halls of my memory
emotions affixed to a point in time
so long ago
and yet
so recent

the fear is gone
replaced by anger and wrath
fury’s fire forever flaming forward

no longer abandoned
reclaimed by self
the adult shell
that covers the hiding place of the child

still lost, though no longer hopeless
I’ve learned to plot my course
on a day-by-day
sometimes step-by-step

and now surrounded
by so many peers
no longer alone

yet the loneliness is greater now
than ever before
and most likely
less than it will be

no longer speechless
or lost in situations for which no words
can exist
for such a young heart
I now have a voice
and I speak out the past
each word a driven nail
piercing the root
of old shadows

the greatest change being…

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Wait, What? I still have PTSD?

A compelling post for all trauma survivors


The past few months has been a whirlwind of powerful and positive changes in my life.  My son got engaged to a wonderful woman and we are over the moon excited for the wedding. My daughter, who has struggled so fiercely, is happy, in a good relationship, excelling at the University, and is realizing that she is the intelligent, insightful woman that we all see. I have come to a place where I have processed and accepted my past. I have a huge toolbox of distress tolerance tools and have gotten the answers to the big questions that were hanging out there in my mind, my therapist and I are beginning the process of ending our therapeutic relationship, and finally, I have been hired to do some marketing for three different small business owners. That is nothing but wonderful, exciting, and also painful at times strides, and I make sure…

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