Stepping Back, to Step Forward.

from Sue Dreamwalker

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Taking a step back often feels like you have somehow failed, but in not stepping back I would be failing myself.

It’s hard this internal knowing, when you have no words to describe what it is you understand. It’s like you have spent years gathering together the various bits and pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle in your mind. Each piece comes along at various points in your life and you have to juggle them about to see if they fit.

Then all at once you get one piece that slots into place and all the other pieces which you held suddenly now all fit into place. And yet you are still trying to make sense of what it is you are putting together, because we don’t have a picture box lid to understand just what kind of finished picture we are creating.

I felt the jumble of the…

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The Meditations of Judas: Morning

Art by Rob Goldstein
The Ointment of the Magdalene


I am on a little farm
just outside of town
waiting for the cock
to crow–

I can still see you
munching a piece
of pita and smiling
as Magdalene

Your eyes dart
from her navel
to the table

Your nostrils
flair as the scent
of the city
enters with a swish
of  the curtain
drawn back

to reveal
the mob
that waits
for you


Rob Goldstein February 1986