Blind Obedience is What the Narcissist Seeks

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

It happens to most all of us, who have been discarded by a narcissist or a psychopath. We lose hope.. We lose energy. ..We lose our very drive to go on…

The narcissist sucks out our life force. They cause us to see a dark side of humanity that people rarely see up close.

The lengths to which the psychopath will go to twist our reality is staggering. The amount of intention that the narcissist puts into breaking down our identity and forcing us to bow down to their every whim….is unspeakable.

It is unspeakable…and even if we speak of it….no one believes us. It is too surreal. We end up looking we are “playing the victim” and he ends appearing up clean and shiny. He is absolved of all wrongdoing because he got to everyone before you did.

He was 20 steps ahead of you at all times. He…

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