A Prayer for those Who Suffer

A prayer for those
who suffer

Lost on our streets

Lost to themselves,

A prayer for the stricken
and aggrieved

For the young in fear
of the future

For the old in dread
of the past

For victims silenced
by shame

For the angry whose
hearts are broken

For those who suffer most,

This is a prayer for you.

(c) Rob Goldstein 09/21/2016-2018


 This was first posted September 2016 as ‘A Prayer for Those who Grieve.’
I’ve revised the poem.



My Mother’s Younger Brother Passed Away Today

Robby and His Grandfather
             Robby and His Grandfather

This will be a short post…

My Mother’s younger brother passed away today.

Making contact with my family is always fraught with emotion.

I always have mixed feelings about contact with my biological family; and contact with my Sister leaves me with a sense of pain and longing.

I called my Aunt to give her my condolences.

I don’t know her.

She doesn’t know me.

But we are family and I felt a sense of duty to call this woman and her son.

When she answered the phone I explained who I was and she said, Oh yes!..Robby!

Oh yes…Robby…whose anguish is eternal.

I swallowed Robby’s pained wince and I gave my Aunt my condolences.

The call took less than a minute but I’ve spent the past three hours with memories I didn’t know I had…

I remembered the night my Uncle brought his new girl, my Aunt, to meet the family. We were visiting my Grandmother in New York. Robby was five. My Uncle took this snapshot of Robby in his Grandfather’s lap.

Rest in peace my Mother’s favorite Brother. I’m sad I never got to know you. I’m sad that I don’t know how to feel.