A Flight of Ideas: Aloha

There is a commotion among the staff when a patient’s
mind collapses; they surround her to contain the chaos.

That patient is my Mother and I cannot stand her pain.

She screams in her restraints, a voice whispers that I
am a woman strapped to a stretcher, but I know better
and eat my oatmeal.

Billy watches TV and rubs his dick when no one is looking.

Hollywood Squares is on, Paul Lynde says something
faggy and the audience titters.

When the show is over Billy goes to his room with a
glistening stain on his jeans.

Sometimes I want to taste it to see if we taste alike.

One day I asked Judy if all men taste alike and she said
the question was inappropriate.

I asked so I could watch her pale little cheeks blush
at the depth of my depravity.

These days I’m two or three separate people.

We live on separate planets named for the gods
of destruction.

My planet is Aloha; named for the Goddess of
Marketable Love.

(c) Rob Goldstein 2017 All Rights Reserved