#CNN: Neo-Nazi Wonders if Jews are People or Soulless Golem

Golem: an animated anthropomorphic being made from mud.

Mud People: The belief that White Christians are the only people born with
souls, everyone else is made from mud. Also denotes a life without meaning or worth.

The mentally disabled are also mud people.

Armed White Supremacists Protest the NAACP in Houston: Video

I found this video of a white supremacist protest on the Bipartisan Report.

The protesters call themselves White Lives Matter.

The spokesperson is one of Donald Trump’s Second Amendment Types; he
claims the flying of the Confederate Flag is about Heritage.

The only people I know of who fly the Confederate Flag are white supremacists.

That’s why I used the term white supremacists in the title of this post.

This is who’s voting for Donald Trump.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Twitter via John Moffit
Art by Rob Goldstein
Vote as if your life depended on it, because it does!