Steven “Jesse” Bernstein: Tribute

from Crazywriterof6


WARNING: This poetry can be very depressing and cause anxiety in some. Please read or listen to with caution for your own emotional state. Jesse is also a genius in his expressions and descriptive poetry.

Mr. Bernstein was an amazing “Spoken Word” poet that went through way too much. His birthday was on December 4th. Rather then tribute his suicide (A loss for all), I prefer to celebrate his birthday. I thought I would introduce some of you to his poetry. Remember it can get rough.

I hope to publish some spoken word poems of my work on here someday.

Enjoy and please take pay attention to the warning above. I relate to this poem. Never having self-esteem ever for my looks… FACE And of course MORE NOISE

I hope you find a new poet you love listening to him…

Steven Jesse Bernstein — Face


More Noise by Steven…

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The Disappearance of a Writer: Barbara Newhall Follett

This has the makings of an interesting and timely mystery.

Kristen Twardowski


Writers often lead strange lives, but sometimes that strangeness means they leave behind mysteries that the world is unable to solve. Barbara Newhall Follett was one such writer. Follett was born in New Hampshire in 1914, published her first novel at age 12 in 1927, and disappeared without a trace at age 25 in 1939.

Follett was a prodigy in every sense of the word. She began writing poetry at age four, and continued to play with words throughout her childhood. She published her first novel, House Without Windows, at age 12, and published her second book, The Voyage of the Norman D., at age 13. Both books were lauded by the press and received write ups in the New York Times.

Then the Great Depression shattered Follett’s world. While her family struggled to make ends meet, Follett went to New York where she worked as a secretary. During these…

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting… DEATH. Five Things You Should Know.


You’re probably heard of the “What To Expect” series of books that are pretty much the bibles on expecting a baby. The first in the series is a book considered to be one of the most influential books of the last 25 years and deservedly so as pregnancy was formerly a much not-talked-about topic. It was time to bring pregnancy out of the closet. (It was also time to do away with the godawful maternity clothes that came in one size — TENT — and in one style –BIG BOW BABY. Thankfully, that happened too in the last 25 years.) The books offered information on a topic very few people had ever been willing to discuss.

Well, I’m about to launch a similar and yet opposite end of the spectrum series. I’m considering calling it, as above, “What To Expect When You’re Expecting…DEATH.” (Can they sue me for that?)

My point…

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