Trump and the Pathological Narcissism of the GOP


Art By Rob Goldstein
The Shameless Narcissist

Once you understand that a narcissist has the emotional life of a two year old they make sense.

The shamelessness, the deceit, the willingness to lie even when it isn’t necessary, the pitting of people against each other, and the need to secure a small group of eager victims who are willing to do the dirty work of spreading smears.

Now it’s on the national stage.

Here’s a rule of thumb when dealing with a narcissist: if you wonder if he’s up to something, he probably is.

They never forgive anyone who points out that no one on Earth is the smartest and best at everything; they will never forgive a correct assessment of their skill.

The narcissist that was stalking me last Summer still stalks me.

l yielded ownership of my Flickr group to her.

I don’t look at the group, give work to it, or even give the group much thought.

Because of the theft of the group I’ve learned who the people of quality
are on Flickr and I’m honored to be among them.

There are plenty of people on Flickr who know they saw a theft.

They’re not fooled by her attempt to play the victim.

Her stalking of me is occasional,  it’s just enough to let me know that
she’s watching.

It’s so covert she can easily say I’m imagining it if I call her out on it.

That’s a classic example of gas lighting.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Twitter

This is when the personal becomes political.

The primary symptom of pathological narcissism is a  sense of entitlement that precludes compromise or negotiation along with a complete disregard for the rights and needs of other people.

A Narcissist exists only for himself.

Friends become enemies at the first sign of independent thought.

Doesn’t this sound like Donald Trump and his followers?

Trump doesn’t debate Hillary Clinton’s proposals; he stalks Clinton
on Twitter
with baseless accusations and smears.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Trump Tweet stating that Hillary Clinton’s Policies have gotten people Killed.

His comments about 2nd amendment people is a classic maneuver.

Narcissists are masters when it comes to playing Gaslight.

Art by Rob Goldstein
How many people are saying this Donald?

The sheer insanity of Trump’s attempt to link events in Iran to the provincial and incessant  scandal mongering of the U.S. Republican Party is breathtaking.

The GOP has fed us lies and innuendo through its media outlets for over two decades; now they don’t want to own what they’ve done to our Nation’s political discourse.

But there aren’t as many eager victims.

There aren’t enough people willing to sit in silence as the Right Wing Echo Chamber poisons our political debate.

Yes, democrats are guilty of enabling the sickness but they’ve never had a Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter calling for the execution of Republicans as a matter civic duty.

Now the sickness seeks to corrupt the heart of our political system, The Supreme Court.

That’s why the GOP Majority Leader won’t do his job and hold hearings on Obama’s choice to replace Scalia.

One shameless Narcissist in charge of any branch of our Government is one too many.

If you have to ask yourself if someone is stalking you, she is.

If you have to ask yourself if you heard Trump call for Clinton’s
assassination, you did.

Let this be the year that Americans drop the fake ‘experts’ in all media outlets.

Be your own expert.

Verify everything you hear.

Ask yourself who benefits.

Who benefits from convincing you that your vote doesn’t count?

Who benefits from demonizing a woman who has accomplished many
worthy goals in life?

No, she’s not perfect; but if you’re looking for perfect you will always be

When it comes to choosing leaders all choices come down to the lesser of
two evils because all human beings are capable of evil.

What we want in a leader is a human being who understands human frailty
and who lives by the laws that govern civilized life.

We want a leader we can work with as a people.

We want a leader who knows the difference between truth and fiction.

In fact, that’s what we want in all three branches of our government.

Rob Goldstein 2016







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There is one weapon that will defeat any Narcissist, it is the very weapon they try to destroy from their first encounter, first building you up as if you were something so special you wonder how you were deemed so lucky to be in their presence. Then calculatingly they dismantle this weapon. This weapon is self love.

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