A Tour of San Francisco in 31/2 Minutes

Surrealist streetshot made with an android cell phone using panaorama feature to create distortion
Vanishing Act

Flickr members Richard Warner and Paul Ewing introduced me to a photographic technique they call Panovision.  They use radical hand and body movements to sabotage the android’s panorama option.

Paul Ewing describes the technique in the Pano-Vision group on Flickr.

Screen shot of Flickr member Paul Ewing that gives an explanation of the use of the panorama option on a cell phone for making abstracts
The technique for making Panovision Abstracts.

The results are shots like these:

Richard S. Warner-On a Hot Summer Day Time and Space are Fluid

On a Hot Summer Day Time and Space are Fluid

Paul Ewing- “Great Lakes Freighter Engine Room”


"Great Lakes Freighter Engine Room"


Or this one by Rob Goldstein – Deconstruction Site


Deconstruction Site

I noticed  a ‘save video’ option on the panorama shots and found the videos as interesting as the still shots so I played with them,  joined them and set them to music.

A Tour of San Francisco in 31/2 Minutes is a selection of Panovision
videos made over the past three months and set to Desert Song
by Dead Can Dance. I dedicate it to Paul Ewing and Richard Warner.





Flickr Wednesday: Paul Ewing -2-

Last week I re blogged my first feature of Paul Ewing’s work. I also used it as an occasion to catch up on his work and I liked what I saw so much I asked him to let me showcase his work again.

If you haven’t seen that first feature please check it out. And don’t be shy about comments. Flickr members love them. I log in early on Wednesday to clear the comments people leave.

“Cactus Flower”

"Cactus Flower"


“Land Sharks Skyline”

"Land Sharks Skyline"


Abstract Digital Painting Redux

Abstract Digital Painting Redux


“Two Rivers, Alaska; Population, 719”

"Two Rivers, Alaska; Population, 719"



"Abundance"--title by Barbara Welton McDonald of Facebook


“Willow Lake Multiple Realities” –inspired by Richard Warner’s Philosophy Vlog on You Tube

"Willow Lake Multiple Realities" --inspired by Richard Warner's Philosophy Vlog on You Tube


“Arcosanti Dream”

"Arcosanti Dream"


“Shaft of LIght Creates Life Out of Primordial Soup”

"Shaft of LIght Creates Life Out of Primordial Soup"


“A Walk on the Wild Side”

"A Walk on the Wild Side"


“Blue Velvet Iris Petal”

"Blue Velvet Iris Petal"







Flickr Wednesdays: Paul Ewing

This Wednesday’s Flickr showcase is Paul Ewing.

He wrote the following introduction to his work:

In 1980, I discovered art. I was 33. My four-year old daughter said, “Daddy, draw me a picture.” And I drew a felt tip drawing of a memory of a photo I had studied at the Oregon Historical Society (OHS). There is a copy of this drawing in my Photo-stream, titled, “There’s No Place Like Nome.”

My daughter and I taped the picture to the refrigerator, and later that day a neighbor said, “Paul, I didn’t know you were an artist.” Up to that point neither did I!

I’m an historian by profession.

I started drawing. I drew contour drawings in pen and ink from historical photos in the collections at OHS. One of the director’s walked by my desk one day and said, “Paul, You missed the boat; you should have been an artist.”

I started drawing in pen and ink or pencil. Then I tried acrylics. I painted my own interpretations of Van Gogh, Gauguin and Matisse masterpieces. Eventually I taught a few workshops at the Toledo Museum of Art. The Museum displayed two of my photos in an exhibition featuring workshop instructors.

In 2002, I started “playing” with Photoshop 7.0, just experimenting. I didn’t play by the rules. To me there were no rules!

I started showing my work on Webshots where it was popular.

I had uploaded nearly 60,000 images, received over 2 million hits and ranked 3rd worldwide in the digital art category.

I noticed a 3-D element in some of my images. An IT colleague called me and said, “Paul, Did you know some of your work makes for great viewing with ChromaDepth 3D glasses?” |

She sent me a pair and I was astonished.

I made images while wearing the glasses and learned how to give them more depth. Now some of my images look 3D even without the glasses.

See “Grand Canyon Depths”.

In September 2010 Yavapai College featured a 30-year retrospective show of my artwork in the Verde Campus Art Gallery. It featured drawings (pen and ink, pencil, felt tip marker), ceramics, watercolors, acrylics, and photographs.

They also set up a computer that ran a continuous slide show of my ChromaDepth 3D work. 3D glasses were available.

Prominently featured in the show was “There’s No Place Like Nome,” the picture I had drawn for my daughter 30 years before. Thanks, Kate!”

Two years ago I got my first mobile, an IPhone 5.

As soon as my daughter learned about this, she asked me to join her on Instagram.

I did and I began playing around with the various artistic apps available to mobile phone photographers. As a result I now have added 6950 Instagram images in addition to all those previously uploaded to Flickr. In the process, I have become an IPhoneographer!

I love sharing my art with the daughter who was my original inspiration back in 1980.

This is what Richard S. Warner has to say:

“Yes, the techniques are bedazzling, but there’s a very deep sense of ART about your work, of compositional strength, a keen and rich sense of color, a radical sense of experiment that is always in service of the image and never for its own sake.” “Richard S. Warner” a.k.a. “Visionart

“Grand Canyon Depths”

"Grand Canyon Depths"

“Dangerous Curves, Redux”

"Dangerous Curves, Redux"

“Trouble in Utopia”

"Trouble in Utopia" #digitalart #montage #photomontage #surreal #surrealism #utopia #trouble #drawing #iphone #iphoneography #paulewing

“Van Gogh’s Starry Sunset”

"Van Gogh's Starry Sunset"

“Futurist Swimming Pool”

"Futurist Swimming Pool" #digitalart #digitalartist #paulewing #rollworld #abstract #iphoneography #paulewing #zvuchno #surreal #surrealism

“Flower Futurism”

"Flower Futurism"

IPhoneography Edited in Flickr’s Aviary

IPhoneography Edited in Flickr's Aviary

“Micro Magic Forest”

"Micro Magic Forest" #iphonegraphy #flora #landscaping #landscapingdesign #driedflowers #dry #arizona #prescottvalley #paulewing #zvuchno #microcosmos #microcosm #microcosmos #plant #plants #unknown

Warner (Visioneart)-Ewing Blender

Warner (Visionheart)-Ewing Blender

“Infrared Infusion”

"Infrared Infusion" #infusion #infrared #digitalart #iphoneography #surrealism #surreal #unreal #abstract #abstractart #paulewing #zvuchno #PE3


"Sunburst" #monsoon #clouds #prescottvalley #arizona #paulewing #zvuchno #облака #небо #погода #sunburst #raysoflight #cumulus

“Seismographic Disruption”

"Seismographic Disruption" #seismograph #disruption #digitalart #digitalartist #paulewing #zvuchno #scifi #sciencefiction #future #futurism #abstract #abstraction #surreal #surrealism

“Colorado Rocks!”

"Colorado Rocks!" #geology #rock #rocks #riparian #gunnison #colorado #pinacle #outcrop #digitalart #digitalpainting #digitalpaint #picturesque #picshoplite #paulewing #zvuchno

“Roll World”

"Roll World" #digitalart #iphoneography #rollworld #TinyPlanet @MadeWithTinyPlanets #design #app #abstract #abstraction #abstractart #avantgarde #paulewing #zvuchno

“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zoom”

"Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zoom"

“Paul Edward Ewing III, Arizona Desert Rat”

"Paul Edward Ewing III, Arizona Desert Rat" #paulewing #paulewingIII #paulewing3 #PE3 #zvuchno #mingusmountain #desert #desertrat #yavapaicollege #verdecampus #yavapaicollege2015 #paulewing #zvuchno