This is a recording of my first public reading.

Stephanie is the story of an African-American trans-woman
who falls in love with a white sailor in the late 1960’s.

Stephanie is womanly so the sailor is shocked when Stephanie
explains that her birth name is Stephen; the young sailor searches
his soul and decides he’ll pay for a sex change.

This recording is my performance of Stephanie’s story of her transition.

There is no hard copy of Stephanie.

After the reading, I decided I hated the monologue, and destroyed it.

Written and performed by Rob Goldstein
(c) Rob Goldstein 1984- 2016 all rights reserved





“the dooth pattern” by Harsubagh Khalsa

A friend of mine on Flickr told me that he was toying with the idea of starting a blog for his poetry.

I invited him to post to my blog as an experiment so he can see how his poetry looks and feels on a blog.

Today I present “the dooth pattern” by Harsubagh Khalsa

tieing spirally laces


     lips summer from umbrella

         tieing spirally laces

     granting the filament

hard deep suggest then

     it doesnt matter stuff

       it doesnt matter when

   hearting cade

           river nance

         too much piruling

                 a scarry race

                       the scurry dance

                     delected dreams

                         mind beaming the

                             ridge patterns


Image and poem are the property of Harsubagh Khalsa.
(c) Harsubagh Khalsa All Rights Reserved