You are Already Dead – Part II

A short story from Danica!

Living a Beautiful Life

Cal tossed the box of dried pasta into his military tactical assault backpack.  Best thing he’d found at the charity thrift store.

“Nah, on second thought I need to put that back.  Thanks.”

The cashier nodded and put the ground beef aside for the stockboy to retrieve.  Cal had been craving pasta with meat sauce but that cheap variety probably had equal parts antibiotics, growth hormones and who only knew what else.

The cashier handed him his receipt and Cal rearranged his groceries so as not to crush anything.  “Oh, excuse me,” the woman who had bumped into him stopped.  “No bother,” Cal didn’t look at her or her low-cut sheer blouse.

“Could you help me take these to my car?”  Couldn’t he go to the store in peace?  What did she want with him anyway.  Dressed like that.

“Have a good day!” she called to Cal’s back.  Why did the good-looking…

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Depression: It’s All Your Fault

Excellent and informative post about Depression

The Crow Diaries

Never roam around the internet without a stash of chocolates. You might just come across a soap box with someone standing on top of it talking from a place of ignorance. This morning, I came across these words in response to the current dialogue about suicide:

Dying is the easy way out.

It’s not the first time I’ve come across the idea that dying is easy. Such a sentence is often spoken by those who has never gone through the dying process, which I can assure you is usually hell. Be that as it may, it bothers me more that victim blamers inhabit the planet doling out judgement to people who have physiological illnesses. And make no mistake, depression is a physiological illness. Saying ‘suicide is cowardice’ is like saying someone who died from epilepsy took the easy way out.

Let’s clear this up once and for all. Suicide is…

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