Dancing In The Dark

from yadadarcyyada – April is Autism Awareness Month


https://yadadarcyyada.com/2017/04/21/dancing-in-the-dark/“Making your way
in the world today
takes everything you’ve got.
Taking a break from
all your worries,
sure would help a lot.
Wouldn’t you like
to get away?
Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody
knows your name,
and they’re always
glad you came.
You wanna be
where you can see,
our troubles are all the same….
You wanna go where everybody knows your name.” (Cheers)

Yup, that’s blogging in a nutshell – bloggers from around the world gathering at a local establishment to share our joys, sorrows, fears, woes, hopes, wisdom, jokes, dreams, and hopes.
And I get it, blogging isn’t curing cancer.
Blogging won’t solve devastating problems: world hunger, disease, poverty, climate change, drought, unemployment/underemployment, etc.
Blogging probably won’t overcome the horrors of: war, terrorism, racism, prejudice, sexism, crime…

https://yadadarcyyada.com/2017/04/21/dancing-in-the-dark/It’s still not ok for WordPress to use bloggers as lab rats (it’s also not ok to use…

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Discover Challenge – Portraits

A fantastic portrait from Carolina Russo


Portrait #5 - Light and Darkness

Digital Portraits Collection

Portrait #5
– Light and Darkness –

With today post I am participating to Discover Weekly Photo Challenge – Portraits. I am very excited to share with you one of my digital creations. This is Portrait #5  part of my experimental Digital-Art Portraits Collection. I love working on this concept “When Nature Meet Humans” it is always challenging and fascinating for me to search for the amazing photos that inspire my creations. I gave this Portrait the title of “Light and Darkness“.
I like to experiment new ideas and concepts that are helping me to evolve and grow with my art and creativity.  I always loved to work in Digital and apply my Art to this “Techno-Medium” (I just made up this definition of Art). One of my passion is Photography I like to take photos and I like…

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Can’t You Just Pretend To Be Nice?

if you’re not: molesting, abusing, being racist, getting all mass murdery, killing serially or non-sequentially, making human skin coats, terrorizing, stealing, lying, raping (yes, creepy, horrible Stanford rapist and any other rapists, no still means no and to clarify, unconscious also means no; not difficult to understand), you probably still qualify as ‘nice’, but hopefully we can try to raise the bar way, way higher.


Can't You Just Pretend To Be Nice?Life is choosing. Choosing to be happy or sad. Nice or mean. Hopeful or hopeless. Among the mass of expectations, concepts, beliefs, abstractions, and stereotypes swirls millions and millions of choices. We’re not always going to make the right choices. Sometimes we’re mean and feel sorry, sometimes we’re sorry we’re not more mean.

I recently rewatched Josie and the Pussycats, the movie, although I loved the cartoon also – https://yadadarcyyada.com/2014/08/09/i-miss-saturday-morning-cartoons/ – it reminded me:

1) It’s hilarious, even 15 years later, maybe more so;
2) It’s wise, especially about how we’re brandwashed, er, brainwashed;
3) The words to the song echo through my head, “Can’t you just pretend to be nice, can you at least pretend to be nice, if you could just pretend to be nice, then everything in my life would be alright.”

Can't You Just Pretend To Be Nice6

For me, people who pretend to be nice are pretty much as annoying as meanies…

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F**k the Poor

I found this on today’s forage through Pinterest. It’s too good not to share! 🙂

Art by Rob Goldstein
found on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/468655904950069761/

This is what I hear when I hear rich Democrats say they won’t vote if their fave doesn’t win the nomination:

F**k the Poor

I don’t know a single person with a disability who lives on social security who doesn’t know that regardless of who the democrat in power is, the quality of our lives improve.

I love Susan Sarandon but republican tax cuts benefit the rich regardless of what they say they believe.

Susan Sarandon will not go hungry if Trump or Cruz wins office.

And while we’re at it, can we talk about the lunacy of electing a Democrat to the office of President, giving him a Republican Congress, then blaming him for
not enacting his agenda.

Basic Civics Lesson:

Congress serves as a check on Presidential Power.

The President can do nothing without Congress.

And if the members of Congress are nothing more than partisan hacks who spend all of their time looking for ways to sabotage a sitting President and the people re-elect them guess who the losers are?

Those of us who intend to vote for Saunders are even more obligated to guarantee
him a Congress that agrees with his agenda by sending Democrats to Congress.

If we don’t give Saunders both houses of Congress then his election means nothing.

As for Hillary Clinton’s alleged dishonesty; who are the avatars of virtue hurling this accusation?

Are they the same one’s who are still trying to push the discredited planned parenthood scandal?

In a democracy the government is the people and it always reflects their will and their character.

It might feel comforting to some people to believe people are powerless.

But I’ve seen too much.

You can’t tell a gay man of a ‘certain age’ that hard work and persistent political activism doesn’t change things.

So, can we get down to the  business of ending the politics of greed and cynicism that is killing our democracy and our planet and get on with building a future for ourselves and our children?

Who’s deserving? We are. All of us.

Rob Goldstein 2016

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