Disinformation: The Use of Ignorance to Steal Votes

Check this political ad released by the GOP in March 2016 at the
bottom of the post.

Notice how it makes you feel.

Does it make you feel anxious?

Does it make you feel threatened?

Notice that the ad assumes you’re ignorant.

Screebshot of a political Ad released by the GOP that claims that Obama is trying to secure his 'lawless' Presidency by nominating a replacement for justice Scalia
Screenshot from a March 2016 Political Ad released by the RNC

Do you know that your President has a constitutional obligation  to make nominations to the Supreme Court?

Do you think that by doing his job President Barack Obama wants to silence
your voice as a Citizen?

Do you know that when you vote for your State Representatives you are sending your voice to Congress?

A political ad like this has no impact on the vote of an informed citizen.

For the uninformed this GOP ad campaign is an attack that uses ignorance
to steal votes.

This ad would not persuade someone with a basic understanding of the U.S. Constitution to vote Republican.

The GOP specifically targets the uninformed.

There is no shame in being ignorant.

The shame is on those who know better and prey on it.

The political ad is from the political archives of the Internet Archives.


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Thirty Days of Fox News

Art by Rob Goldsten
Fox News – Your Source for Disinformation and Lies.

I tracked Fox News headlines on social media for thirty+ random days and took screenshots.

I saw the following logical fallacies: ad hominem attacks, appeals to ignorance, and the repeated use of the word many as in #ManyPeopleAreSaying.

This fallacy is called the Bandwagon Approach.

The Bandwagon Approach is an,  “Appeal to widespread belief, an appeal to common practice and peer pressure. If the discussion is about social conventions, such as “good manners”, then this is a reasonable line of argument. However, in the 1800’s there was a widespread belief that bloodletting cured sickness. These people were not just wrong, but horribly wrong, because it made people sicker. Clearly, the popularity of an idea is no guarantee that it’s right.  A common justification for bribery is everybody does it; in the past, this was also a justification for slavery. A List of Fallacious Arguments 

Art by Rob Goldstein
June 28th, 2016 from Newsmax: Many Illegals have tuberculosis says one Border Patrol Agent.

Liberalism and Conservatism are points of view and both points of view are
needed for a balanced political debate.

Genuine conservatism is about preserving the best of our traditions while working with Liberals to move our country forward.

There was a time when liberals and conservatives agreed that respectful disagreement was in the best interest of the country.

To someone who was raised on journalists like Walter Cronkite and a news media regulated by the fairness doctrine a news network or media outlet that shapes the
news to fit its dogma is something I’d expect from one of the fictional tyrannies in Mission Impossible.

Art by Rob Goldstein
From the Right Wing News Blog Truth and Action.Org 8-17-2016 debunked by Snopes.com

Many people are asking: is Fox News an American news outlet or is Fox News

from Bocamo?

Decide for yourself. Click the screenshot to read it large in a new tab.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Why is Obama ‘so adamant’ to protect Islam?

It’s the President’s job to protect and defend Constitution and to represent the interests of all citizens.

Islāmic Americans are among the people President Obama swore by oath to represent.

3.3 million Muslims live in the United States.

Art by Rob Goldstein
July 03, 2016


Art by Rob Goldstein
Many Americans Believe July 7, 2016

How many Americans Mr. O’Reilly?


Art by Rob Goldstein
Punching White Woman after Yelling I hate White People Not Hate, July 07, 2016

This is race baiting, I never thought I’d see something like this in the 21st Century.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Comey Failed to Indict Because He Didn’t Want to Change the Course of Politics July 07, 2016

I can’t find the interview in which Comey says he chose not to indict Hillary Clinton because he didn’t want to change the course of politics.

Art by Rob Goldstein
House GOP calls grow for FBI perjury probe into Clinton statements July 8 2016
Art by Rob Goldstein
The President Set This Whole Country on Fire with his Race Politics, July 10, 2016

I think you mean your ‘race politics’ Mr. Fox News Insider.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Even alot of Democrats Worry about Clinton’s Email July 11, 2016

A lot of Democrats worry about Clinton’s email, so you should worry too.

Note: this headline comes four days after Comey cleared Clinton of criminal charges.

FBI Confirms Gag Order to a Senior RepublicanI can’t find another source for this one.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Virtually Every remaining ObamaCare Exchange is on The Verge of Total Collapse July 17, 2016

Virtually? Why virtually? It’s more like a few for profit companies have pulled out, as expected.

Art by Rob Goldstein
The Clinton Campaign Should Be Worried July 23, 2016

The Dobbs Report on Trumps Speech at the Republican National Convention.

The backdrop reads, “The Republican nominee delivered a compelling 26 minute

The only news outlet that thought Trump’s speech was compelling in a good way was Fox News.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Trump’s Russia Reference Set a Trap for Clinton July 28, 2016

According to Fox News Trump asked the Russians to hack Clinton’s email as part of a clever trap. I don’t think it worked.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Many in the Intelligence Community Fear a Hillary Presidency August 03, 2016

More manys…

Art by Rob Goldstein
NSA Whistle-blower: Agency has Hillary’s Emails August 4, 2016

Oh, and while we’re at it:

Art by Rob Goldstein

More manys…

Art by Rob Goldstein
The Pay for Play Scandal August 13, 2016

Fox News is using terminology normally associated with prostitutes and the backdrop reads: Email Scandal Update

Art by Rob Goldstein
Dobbs: The Foreign Donations Scandal August 13, 2016

Another day, another scandal.

These are the lies that Fox News tells its viewers every freaking day and no one holds it accountable.

And when Fox News isn’t lying about Hillary and Obama it’s talking heads spout bullet points from White Supremacists.

Slaves were Housed and Fed it was all good.
Slaves were well fed and had decent longings provided by the Government.

O’Reilly’s idiotic comment is historically inaccurate and inflammatory.

The ‘government’ did not feed and house slaves.

Slaves were fed and housed by their owners..

And this last truly dreadful headline:

Art by Rob Goldstein
They’re beating every White Person August 15, 2016

This news item is debunked on Snopes. com.

The video was falsely edited at the end to make it seem protesters had physically attacked someone. Snopes.com

Is Fox News working to incite an armed conflict?

And if so, why?

What do you think?

RG 2016

updated to add quote by Bill O’Reilly





Dear Members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (about which Hillary was right)

Every so often I get a long deranged comment that goes like this:  Homos are part of a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT Marxist conspiracy and only a GAY FAGGOT transgender supports democrats because without welfare you would all die which is what should happen to you ANYWAY!!!! Your worship of crooked Hillary shows how far you will go to betray the white race and the LIBERTIES that TRUE AMERICANS CHERISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Wingnut


My reply: I welcome conservative opinions that are logical and based on facts with links to credible sources. I do not consider Fox News, News Max or any other right-wing rumor mill a reputable or credible source.

You Wingnut conservatives have Donald Trump as your ‘voice’ and Fox News as your 24/7 Goebbels inspired news outlet.

You don’t need my blog.

Please see the memes below for other examples of horse shit I instantly
mark as spam.


Art by Rob Goldstein
Debunked on Snopes.Com.

Debunked by Snopes.Com

Debunked by Snopes.Com

Debunked on Snopes.com
Debunked on Snopes.com

And the story below is told as a fable about a Wingnut woman who gleefully sucks the empathy and soul out of a little girl.


Art by Rob Goldstein
If he’s like the homeless men I’ve seen he’s disabled by a mental illness made worse by the economic policies supported by that evil woman who wants you to think he’s lazy! Run to save your soul little girl! Never speak to that bitch again!

Let’s close by celebrating traditional liberal values as sung by
a gay, faggot homosexual…On Soooooooul Train!



I found these memes on Twitter. They are spread by GOP operatives:
I don’t know the source.




The GOP Is Crying Over This Latest Fact That’s Been Released About Obama’s Presidency

The Fifth Column

1024px-Obama_salutes attribution: NONE


Though Constitutionally prohibited from running for a third term, President Obama’s days of campaigning and giving stump speeches are far from over. The President has recently found himself working to ensure the 2016 election of Democrats to the House, Senate and Presidency, and thereby help to preserve his most excellent legacy.

Speaking recently at a fundraiser for the DCCC, DSCC, and DNC, the President had disparaging words about the current state of the Republican Party, as well as dire predictions for the future of our United States should the GOP take back the oval office. Obama acknowledged that despite the administration’s many successes with the economy people still suffer from economic anxiety due the stagnation of wages and income.

When people are forced to worry about each dollar, he conceded, “The politics of fear oftentimes can override the politics of hope.” Though not directly referencing the candidacy of…

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