Jeff Brown about why people try to shut down those who have the courage to deal with the truth about abuse

May we all speak our truths, before our buried truths destroy us. Out with the old, in with the true…

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

“So many people get judged when they refuse to put their pain away. They get judged for showing it, for speaking it, for insisting on sharing their memories of abuse with those they know.

I am not talking about those overwhelming strangers with their stuff—I am talking about legitimate sharings with those they are connected with in daily life. All too often, they are fed one repressive message or another: “Don’t look back,” “What’s done is done,” “Don’t be a victim,” “Your feelings are an illusion,” “Be strong.”

What is ironic about this is that those who insist on embodying and expressing their feelings are actually the courageousones—unwilling and unable to live a false life. Their stuff is breaking through their defenses because they are tired of carrying the weight of buried truths. They want a healthier and more authentic life.

Those who seek to shame their…

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Mental Health Monday: Anxiety Disorders

Good info on anxiety disorders

Welcome to our second edition of Mental Health Mondays! If you missed week one you can find the link here.

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Lonely, but for fellow bloggers…

This is so painfully true.


It is hard to find people in this world who will try to understand just what PTSD is, let alone how it impacts your life.  Even people who love you are apt to know more about the president’s dog than PTSD.  Even if they read up on it, they may not understand it in an empathetic way since it is not something they experience.  There are days that I feel more understood by the cat than a dear friend.  (Of course, this is anthropomorphism — but heh, whatever gets me through the day… 😉 ) But, here at WordPress, I can find others who walk my path — who “get it” — because they are walking it too.  It may not be PTSD, but  instead depression, anxiety, OCD, DID, bi-polar disorder, or any number of mental and emotional health challenges.   But, we can understand each other because we have…

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A Letter from Home: When My Alternates Talk to Each Other

This is a reblog of a post written October 2014.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Letters from Home_Dear Sara

This year I discovered that my alternates write to each other.

I found this letter from Bobby to Sara composed in 2010  with her reply.

I was surprised to find the correspondence because I didn’t know that some of my alternates considered each other friends and allies.

The logic of Dissociative Identity Disorder is that some aspects of the self are perceived as “other”.

“Sara” is a “protector” Alternate.

I think that she was the first alternate, which means that she emerged in childhood.

She will always comes out when one of the younger alters feels threatened.

Bobby is the teen alter who first joined Second Life to use it as a tool to “grow up”.

To some extent, he’s been successful.

There are many letters filed under ‘Letters from Home”.

Most of them are from Bobby to Bob.

Bobby wrote this to Sara as a 15-year-old.

It is the…

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