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Discussing Dissociation

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I am busily working on some new posts in response to the excellent comments made by the readers here.  You have been asking good questions and making thought-provoking points.  I’m looking forward to responding to as many of these comments as I can.  Thank you for your active participation – it is really exciting to see so many folks showing up around here already!!!

In the meantime, since all of you are frequently online, and clearly many of you are dissociative trauma survivors, I want to encourage you to read some very well written articles about internet safety and internet predators:

  • Internet Predators: They Really Are Everywhere
  • Internet Predators: One Way They Work
  • Internet Predators and Child Alters: 10 Ideas to Keep Them Safe

These excellent articles are all available on Rocking Complacency,   For that matter, this entire blog is good.  If you are up to…

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Internet Predators and Child Alters: 10 Ideas to Keep Them Safe

I found this article on Discussing Dissociation.

I know that what the writer says is true from firsthand experience:

Another way that internet predators can infiltrate a dissociative survivor’s system is by befriending child alters.

These younger alters can be (although they are not always) more trusting than the adults, or they can be conditioned to unquestioning obedience, either of which makes them vulnerable if a predator wants to take advantage of them. Child alters also tend to have more difficulty discerning when someone is trying to trick them or manipulate them. With their child’s perspective, they can be influenced to believe things that would not get past an adult’s critical thinking skills.

Generally speaking (which is to say, true in many cases, but not necessarily true for every survivor or every child alter) – the child alters know vast amounts of information about the survivor’s dissociative system, information that can be very dangerous if it is given into unscrupulous hands. Some child alters also can wield immense power within the system. They might be able to affect other alters or even to change the system landscape.

As one might imagine, a predator could do a lot of damage to a survivor’s system by gaining influential control over the child alters.

Someone once mentioned to me, when I suggested that I thought it was risky to let their child alters go without supervision, that she didn’t have to worry because her background did not involve organized abuse or mind control – this is not true.


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