Full blown crazy – Klayman: Obama Must Be ‘Taken Alive’ For Bringing Ebola To America To Afflict White People

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The Fifth Column

Larry Klayman | screenshot

Right Wing Watch

Conservative legal activist Larry Klayman has filed a lawsuit against President Obama for “providing material support and aid to international terrorism and facilitating terrorism” by not implementing a travel ban on people from countries facing an Ebola outbreak.

Health experts have advised against enacting a travel ban, explaining that such a move might actually increase the risk of an outbreak, but Klayman has his own idea as to why the Obama administration hasn’t enacted a ban: anti-white racism.

Klayman writes in his weekly column that “Obama has favored his African brothers over the rest of us by allowing them free entry into this country” and “relegating whites and others who are not black or Muslim to the back of the bus has become an invidious form of reverse discrimination. This was not right when blacks were subjected to this treatment, and it is…

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“We don’t look to be ruled!”

When it comes to political discourse I don’t tolerant dogma, smears,
or self-indulgent ideologues.

I want to hear ‘opinions’ that are supported by evidence I can find
beyond the fringes of Brietbart and The Militant

I have no respect for people who are too lazy to think for themselves.

I have no patience for people who repeat the talking points and character
assassinations on Fox News.

Your uninformed opinion is not equal to an informed opinion,
and opinions aren’t news.

If you have to lie to make your point you don’t have one.

If you have to cheat to win your game you’ve lost.

These basic norms of behavior are clear to most thinking

I don’t engage with Trump supporters because I don’t
believe they exist.

As far as I’m concerned people posting as Trump supporters
are either paid Russian operatives or mindless AI programs.

I refuse believe that real Americans are so blindly stupid.

Rob Goldstein, 2017

On edit: This post uses hyperbole to make a point although if I have to
explain it, it didn’t work. I know that a minority of Americans support
Trump. These are the same people who believe that gay men are gay
because they have a clitoris in their throats. 







Don’t Boo, Vote

Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on the Internet Archive

Don’t boo, vote!

I loved that line from President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

The vote is your voice and what you do with it matters.

Be aware of the fact that powerful forces are working to stop you from
using your voice.

If your vote didn’t matter the GOP would not be working so hard to silence you.

a dozen states have approved new obstacles to voting. Kansas and Alabama now require would-be voters to provide proof of citizenship before registering. Florida and Texas made it harder for groups like the League of Women Voters to register new voters. Maine repealed Election Day voter registration, which had been on the books since 1973. Five states – Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia – cut short their early voting periods. Florida and Iowa barred all ex-felons from the polls, disenfranchising thousands of previously eligible voters. And six states controlled by Republican governors and legislatures – Alabama, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin – will require voters to produce a government-issued ID before casting ballots. More than 10 percent of U.S. citizens lack such identification, and the numbers are even higher among constituencies that traditionally lean Democratic – including 18 percent of young voters and 25 percent of African-Americans….

The GOP War on Voting

So don’t give in to the chorus of cynics who want you to believe that your vote doesn’t matter.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Don’t boo, vote.

Don’t boo, vote,



Obama campaign poster found on the Internet Archive, source unknown.


STONEWALL INN …. First National Monument …. “LGBT Struggle …. “!!

The Stonewall in is now a national monument.

You can’t tell people in the GLBTQ community that people can’t change the world and make it better place for our children. WE know that with time, patience, perseverance and sacrifice that we CAN change our world. So, no more excuses. No more hiding behind and blaming ‘the government’ as if ‘the government’ isn’t ours. If the government is corrupt it’s because the people are corrupt. If the government is inept it’s because the people have made it so. In a democracy the government is a reflection of the will of the people; even when they do nothing.

It Is What It Is


~~June 28, 2016~~


Stonewall Inn becomes national monument nearly 50 years after riots

In 1960’s America, it was illegal to be homosexual.

Police raids on gay bars were common.

But on the night of June 28, 1969, gay residents of Greenwich Village decided they’d had enough, and took a stand at the Stonewall Inn.

They fought back against police.

The violence led to days of protests, ultimately igniting the gay rights movement.

It took 47 years, but the historic importance of what happened in the tiny Manhattan neighborhood has finally gotten federal recognition.

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We ALL are ONE!! 


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