How To Be A Bestselling Author in 3 Days or Less

Read this and go write something. 🙂


There’s a lot of noise out there about how to write a bestseller.

Why don’t we break it down.

Let’s simplify the process and get you to bestseller status in 3 days or less!

1. Write a book.

Use as many words as you think you need.

Plots are plots (it’s all been done/redone/overdone; characters are key).

Use a computer…… or pen…

None of it means anything if you don’t use your heart.

2. Edit.

Do not try this at home.

Being your own editor is like trying to cure your own cancer.

Don’t mistake skill or intent for reality.

A friend, family member, professional editor, a dog or cat (if the communication is clear) – anyone (and I mean anyone) but you.

3. Get published.
Big fancy publisher, self-publishing, blog it in serialized form, print them out and hand them to the masses on a street corner…

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Official Announcement And a Little Speech

A New Book from N.F. Mirza

Stoner on a rollercoaster

Before I start shooting random senseless posts let me make the official announcement.

People of WordPress, my Debut book is finally available on amazon website on following link: Swinging Sanity

I am trying hard not to be emotional but I’m failing miserably.

I would never ever be able to do it had I not landed here.

I regretted my actual career getting derailed but yesterday a close friend of mine said she is glad that it happened. I think I am too. 

If my life went as planned. I wouldn’t be writing

If I never felt the pain, my words would be shallow.

If I had the love and support from where it should have been, I would never even discover this place.

I’m still not happy about what I suffered, but today I don’t regret it that much.

There is always a way to follow your dreams no…

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The Curse of Time

Read this post. You’ll be glad you did!


Time shambles forward, clumsy, cumbersome cogs crushing us beneath its graceless bulk. At least that’s what it feels some days. Other days it feels like “Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” (Groucho Marx?). We just have to hope for the best as the big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff (thank you Doctor Who, you always have right wordsies for every situation) drags us along on its universal joyride.

Spending time reading M.J. Mallon’s first book in the series, “The Curse of Time: Bloodstone”, I must warn you, could fill you with magic and mystery, intrigue and imagination, romance and possible fear of ruination and the worst part, you may not be able to put it down. Start reading only when you have time (hint: make time).

I started following Marje’s (M.J. Mallon) blog ages ago (a great choice if…

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