All I Want in 2018 Is…

from Lilrant

Classic Sooch

…for sex education to be made mandatory in schools. In India. There’s a lot of people – a majority, in fact – that have no idea about even the anatomy of those nether regions. No wonder we are breeding like crazy. Birth control is something many people won’t even talk about.

…for the country to be a safer place for girls to live in. Can we please stop with the rape culture, already? It’s not culture if bacteria has more of it than you do.

…for people to act more human. I’ve seen animals show more humanity than most people. It’s just plain simple sad.

…for caste system and religious fanaticism and jihad to die. If you want something, talk about it. Don’t try to take claim by force. War, hatred and negativity isn’t the answer. It’s never been and never will be.

…for guys to stop trying to get…

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“Tell Somebody!”

A man describes his experience of abuse

Classic Sooch

It takes a whole lot of courage to speak about things like this. Specially, like Matthew Santoro says, if you’re male. It’s not okay. Not for anyone.

Take some time out of your schedule to go watch this. And remember, if you’re being abused, in whatever way, tell somebody. Abuse is something you don’t have to tolerate from someone you thought was your whole life.

Thanks, Faroukh, for telling me about this.

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