Disinformation: The Use of Ignorance to Steal Votes

Check this political ad released by the GOP in March 2016 at the
bottom of the post.

Notice how it makes you feel.

Does it make you feel anxious?

Does it make you feel threatened?

Notice that the ad assumes you’re ignorant.

Screebshot of a political Ad released by the GOP that claims that Obama is trying to secure his 'lawless' Presidency by nominating a replacement for justice Scalia
Screenshot from a March 2016 Political Ad released by the RNC

Do you know that your President has a constitutional obligation  to make nominations to the Supreme Court?

Do you think that by doing his job President Barack Obama wants to silence
your voice as a Citizen?

Do you know that when you vote for your State Representatives you are sending your voice to Congress?

A political ad like this has no impact on the vote of an informed citizen.

For the uninformed this GOP ad campaign is an attack that uses ignorance
to steal votes.

This ad would not persuade someone with a basic understanding of the U.S. Constitution to vote Republican.

The GOP specifically targets the uninformed.

There is no shame in being ignorant.

The shame is on those who know better and prey on it.

The political ad is from the political archives of the Internet Archives.


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