You think you invented a Time Traveling Machine. When in reality, it is a teleporter. Your first stop is the Renaissance…fair.

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Before turning my creation on I take a step back to appreciate it’s beauty. No-one else would think it beautiful, all it looked like was a box with a lot of exposed wires surrounding it. A few of these gave off periodic sparks but this was in the design. Everything was positioned just so-especially the hula girl on the control panel.  

I had just successfully invented the very first time machine.

Should I call the news? I’d always wanted to be on the news for one of my inventions. But wait… What if it didn’t work? I’d better give it a test run before showing anyone else.

Shaking slightly with the excitement of the moment I typed a few commands into my tablet to send it back 7 years in the past and watched as the device began spinning slowly. Picking up speed gradually, after a minute…

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Cheers To the Passionate


This is an all time favourite video of mine especially when I am feeling disappointed and let down, uninspired, watching this would perk me right up. Yes, I might be misunderstood and labeled sometimes but so are the following passionate people who gave their all to their creations. Today, let me share some of the greatest passionate people in the world and hope that their passion, determination and commitment will rub off you too.


Thank you, Robin Williams for all the laughter and joy you have brought into our homes and our hearts. Even when you are suffering from depression, you did not just quit but you push on to bring the last bit of giggle into us. For that, I thank you.


Thank you, Michael J Fox for giving us superb performance and using your status to create awareness for your illness, Parkinson Disease. I believe a lot of…

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Robin Williams on Depression | [QUOTES]

Survivors Blog Here Mental Health Collaborative

I’ve noticed this post gets hits everyday so I thought it’d be worthwhile to repost it.

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“I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.”

-Robin Williams

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