The Terrible Night Before Christmas

Santa has a run in with the law….:)

Myths of the Mirror

787My month of writing short stories comes to an end. I’ve finished the outline for my next book, and in January I’ll be plugging away on chapter 1. That’s exciting, but I’ll admit this diversion has been a bundle of fun.

This final tale won the Kellan Publishing contest for this week, and I’m happy to report that I’m ending on a humorous note. Once again, Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!

This story had to fall between 1000-1500 words, and use the following words/phrases: Santa Claus, Popcorn, Photo Album, Black Cat, Train, Slide, Police, Sled, Typewriter, Horn, Alarm, Church, Glue, Bow, Fire, Dragon.

The Terrible Night before Christmas

The whole escapade started with the black cat. Santa leaned forward in his rickety office chair, puffing on his stumpy pipe and wreathing his head in smoke. He pecked with two chubby fingers at his typewriter, finishing a last letter to a second-grader in the Bronx…

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