The Kiss

VR based digital painting of two mail avatars in the last few seconds before a kiss
The Kiss



stroke smooth smoothly stroked back

rest chest on chest

                                  thigh on thigh

my hard on your soft


(c) Bob Goldstein 1976



Color Me Real


People – Barbara Streisand and Stevie Wonder
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Mental Health: A Gilligan’s Island of the Damned

Gilligan's Island by Jean Paul Sarte

My therapist told me I called her last Saturday.

I remember my hands trembling.

She said some of my alters are mad at her, especially Bobby.

They think she wants them dead.

She said  I called her and said that I was in crisis.

She said Bobby wanted a meeting with her in Second Life.

I envisioned what a session in Second Life with all of my alternates would look like and came up with Gilligan’s Island as existential fever dream: Hell is other avatars.

Our castaways don’t know they’ve been shipwrecked and each will torture the other for seeking rescue.

Eh well, let’s continue…

My therapist said she refused Bobby’s demands.

Later, after the session, I realized that my teen self had demanded my therapist meet him in Second Life and the absurdity made me laugh out loud.

My therapist is right not to go into Second Life.

Her clinical judgment is impeccable

This has been another rough week.

I always lose time but there is a bi-polar part to my illness, so I’m a bit manic, I get little sleep and my brain is in overdrive.

My goal is to be more consistent and more present over the next five days and catch up with my growing community on WordPress

(This was first posted in March of 2015. I re-read it and found  it still relevant.)

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