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As you may know, I’ve had a lot of downtime over the past three weeks and that gave me tons of time to think.

Now, that isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes it can be creative and sometimes it can be depressing. During this slow healing process, I’ve taken a good long look at myself.

Some call this “Shadow work.” I call it being honest with myself about every aspect that makes up my being.

Yes, I have gone through every one of the emotions shown. I’ve gone from telling myself that I’m stumbling through life pretending, to realizing I have a gift that is only mine and I must share it.

Introspection is not always pleasant. I’m not a fan of facing my fears, my insecurities, or my failings. It’s much easier to float through life without much thought.

But, I realized something through these bouts of self-micro inspection…

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From authenticitee

authenticitee speaks


I saw your love

On the horizon

Cautious as it

Headed my way

Soaring on wings

Once broken

Hovering whole

Empowering our

Buried treasure laid

Bringing with you

A mirror and a mic

Reflecting my

Self love anew

Unashamed thus

Telling the world

My restored

Fragmented pieces

Were just the beginning

Of my completing you

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My ode to @disorderly.ramblings’ Self Love Challenge

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