#JusJoJan Daily Prompt / #SoCS – Jan. 14th/17 – The P Word!

from Ritu!

But I Smile Anyway...

Day 14 of Linda’s #JusJoJan Challenge, combined with her regular Saturday prompt for Stream Of Consciousness Saturday.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Just Jot It January is: A word that starts with “P.” Find a word that begins with the letter “p,” and make it the theme of your post. Bonus points for starting and ending your post with a “p” word. Enjoy!


That is what first came in to my mind when I read the prompt… really!

I deal with plenty of that sh*t (excuse the pun!) every day at work, what with nappies, which thankfully are much less now, to those little loves who can’t quite wipe their own bums yet, to the even less pleasant, ahem, explosions, that can come if they are suffering from the beginnings of upset tummies and bugs! Pleasant, yes, I know!

But poop… there is another reason…

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SoCS — Slug Love

An awkward post from Joey!


I keep the slugs off the hydrangeas, but otherwise, I let them roam and munch. Plenty of green for them to fill their bellies.
Now and again I find a slug in the house, usually because the animals all gather round to gawk.
Sadie, “Is it food?” *sniff-sniff* “Is it?”
Cletus, “It’s a toy,” *sniff-sniff* “Isn’t it?”
Catticus, “I’m scared, Clara. What if it eats kibble? Kill it, Clara, please.”
Clara, “It’s too slow to be dangerous. Let’s see if the dog eats it.”

Anyway, I’m slug-friendly.

This time of year, the slugs are…amorous.


First I wondered if the one slug was in hot pursuit of the other slug, and then I thought maybe the slug at the top was in hot pursuit of the cord above it. You know, like maybe Top Slug actually thought the cord was a super foxy long and skinny slug and it wanted to get some…

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Let’s Throw Him Under The Bus!

Powerful words from a Mother.

a cooking pot and twisted tales

There’s almost no week that passes without our eyes and ears exposed to horrific abuse of power by men in uniform. The repetitive killing going on in the US is really a huge cause for concern, that it makes me wonder when men who are meant to protect and serve have turned into outright judge, jury, and executioner. socsbadge2016-17

How people can watch another human murdered in cold blood and then find all manners of justification for it simply beats me. Extrajudicial killings are unethical and illegal!

America, we’ve got a problem and we can’t pretend that our house is not on fire while we are busy chasing bush rats. I’m almost afraid that the society has lost its head and is courting outright combustion if these things are not handled properly.

In my place, we say “that the bushfire that will ravage the town…

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SoCS — Embodiment

We are a primarily blue city, surrounded primarily by red rural areas. Our governor is so bass-ackward he gets booed at while throwing the first pitch at Victory Field, signs reading PENCE MUST GO dot the neighborhoods, and there’s even a Facebook Page called Periods for Pence, because he hasn’t got a basic understanding of women’s biology — and between you and me, I strongly suspect he thinks being transgender means that Ken is wearing Barbie’s clothes.


The Circle City Pride Parade was this morning. It was a bright, hot morning — 91F/33C with 44% humidity and fortunately, a nice breeze now and again. I wore my staple fear-of-summer uniform — long-sleeve white gauzy shirt, lightweight jeans, big straw hat.
When you’re so white you have to dress like a missionary at the Pride Parade…

Seven of us in a little crowd and who do the evangelists bring a pamphlet to? Me.
No thank you, my mother-in-law has given me enough Jesus, I’m full, thanks…

I know most people think Indiana is corn and racin and basketball, and we are. But that’s a narrow view of a thriving metropolis.

We are a primarily blue city, surrounded primarily by red rural areas. Our governor is so bass-ackward he gets booed at while throwing the first pitch at Victory Field, signs reading PENCE MUST GO dot the neighborhoods, and there’s even…

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