Soul Swallowers Release Day!

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After a year of writing, rewriting, rewriting again, and editing until my eyeballs shriveled, Soul Swallowers is out and about on Kindle and in print. I’m doing a Happy Dance.

Soul Swallowers

When swallowed, some souls gift insights, wisdom, a path to understanding. Others unleash power, proficiency with a sword, and indifference to death. One soul assimilates with ease. But swallow a host of the dead and risk a descent into madness.

Estranged from his family over the murder of his wife, young Raze Anvrell wields his fists to vent his rage. Then a chance at a new life beckons, and he retreats to the foothills of the Ravenwood, the haunt of unbound ghosts. He and his mentor build a freehold, a life of physical labor and the satisfaction of realizing a dream. They raise horses and whittle by the fire until the old man dies, and Raze…

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Once Upon Our Time

Souldier Girl

My life is a story

A peeling layer of liquid poetry

As the breadcrumbs

fall behind me

Each time I grow


Each time you know

There is more of me to follow

I’ll be Gretel

How about it Hansel?

Our words are building a foundation

For the most courageous castle

One who has seen

And felt

Been on her knees

When all she could do

…Was crawl

Now she stands

With you and me

Abducting a long forgotten glee

And it doesn’t make sense

But love seldom does

Once upon our time

Breadcrumbs and fairytale rust

Take my story

Not just to read

…Yours, to be touched.

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