Why I’m Dumping The Numeric Pain Scale As A Chronic Illness Patient

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We’ve all been there, sitting on the exam table as the nurse goes through the usual list of questions. Then there it is, the question I despise more than anything: On a scale of 0-10, how would you rate your current pain level? Many of us worry about giving the wrong answer, or at least the wrong impression. We don’t want to be perceived as whiners, hypochondriacs, and especially not drug seekers. We want our pain taken seriously and taken care of. While I do share these concerns, I find another concern to be of more importance.

The traditional numeric pain scale is really only meant for measuring acute pain. It is useless when it comes to the realm of chronic pain. When we battle pain for a long period of time, our perception of that pain changes, so what may have previously been a 7, we now consider to be…

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How Do You Describe Chronic Pain?

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Every chronic pain sufferer has been asked countless times to describe their pain. Is it sharp or dull? Achy or throbbing? Stabbing or shooting? It’s often one of the most difficult questions to answer. Even though chronic pain is usually constant, the type of pain and severity often change. Not only that, but the traditional pain scale does not do it justice as those who deal with constant pain learn to adjust to the levels. After a while what used to be a 6 becomes a 3, and ultimately the severe pain sneaks up on us.

One of the most frustrating things about chronic pain is that it is nearly impossible to explain to a non-sufferer what it feels like. No matter how hard we try, there aren’t enough words to truly describe the pain we go through.

Recently, while dealing with several high pain days in a row, an…

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#WhatYouDontSee : The Darker Side of Chronic Illness

The darker side of chronic illness is ugly and harsh. It’s deeply personal and utterly terrifying to put out there, but knowing that I’m not alone, in my struggle with chronic illness or in sharing #whatyoudontsee, gives me strength enough to do this.

Chronically Chaos

The #WhatYouDontSee movement was originally started to showcase the unspoken realities of living with anxiety and depression. Then I saw that our friend over at Perfectly Ambitiousdid her own twist on the idea, including chronic illness in the movement, which can be found here.

As someone living with a chronic illness and chronic pain, I frequently find myself in the midst of my own unspoken realities. There are so many emotions and symptoms that we keep buried from the rest of the world for any number of reasons. Chronic illness is often accompanied by intense guilt and shame over the things we can’t control no matter how hard we try to and for many of us, the symptoms of our illnesses are invisible. This all too often leads to sufferers being labeled as drug seekers, liars or fakers, and being treated as such only makes matters worse.


We have…

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