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I found these political cartoons on Pinterest. They are so powerful that I had to share them

Art by Rob Goldstein
Saved to Pinterest by John Christopher
Thou Shalt Not
Found on The Boeskool


Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Pinterest


Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Pinterest, saved from the National Review


Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Pinterest, saved from Imgur


Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Pinterest, saved from the Houston Chronicle


CHILDHOOD Under Siege: Joel Bakan

My first reaction when I read this was rage over the fact that it’s taken over a generation to get this discussion started…after I had a chance to cool down I felt gratitude about the fact that it’s happening. Many thanks to the blogger who first re-posted this.

Children in Prison WHY THEY ARE THERE?

CHILDHOOD Under Siege: Joel Bakan

CHILDHOOD Under Siege: Joel Bakan

In Childhood Under Siege: How Big Business Targets Children (Free Press/August 9, 2011/$26.00 hardcover), Joel Bakan reveals the astonishingly callous and widespread exploitation of children by profit-seeking corporations-and also society’s shameful failure to protect them. The creator of the award-winning film and internationally best-selling book The Corporation, Bakan shows how corporations pump billions of dollars into rendering parents and governments powerless to shield children from a relentless commercial assault designed solely to exploit their unique needs and vulnerabilities.

childhood under siege front

Focusing on the United States in particular, Bakan demonstrates how:

  • Marketers target children with increasingly devious methods to manipulate their vulnerable emotions, cultivate compulsive behavior, and addle their psyches with violence, sex, and obsessive consumerism.

  • More and more children take dangerous psychotropic…

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