A love letter to San Francisco: the many many reasons why I love this city

A love letter to my City…:)


It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is I love about this city so much.

Perhaps the physicality of the city itself; the colours, the striking victorian architecture, the walkable streets.

Perhaps it is the people; the welcoming nature of the city allows for all walks of life to feel like they belong and to be as odd or as normal as they wish to be. Both and all those in between are welcome.

Perhaps it is because before I arrived in San Francisco the only culture/design/style that I had been exposed to beforehand came in the form of a coffee shop in Mammoth Lakes named ‘Black Velvet Coffee’ whose scandinavian coffeehouse interior decor made me never want to go outside.

It’s probably a mixture of all these things and a little more.

My expectations were also low for this city as during my travels I’d learned to experience the…

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Art by Rob Goldstein
Madre 2016

This is part of a collection of murals on the San Francisco Women’s Building