Guilty of Being Sick: Mentally Ill behind bars

Photograph of the feet of an elderly disabled woman sleeping in a doorway on Church Street
An elderly disabled woman asleep in a doorway on Church Street

The American mental health system treats all mental illnesses
as a short-term, easy to solve problem of addictive behavior.

Most mental health coverage in the U.S. rules out long-term
hospital stays, as well as long-term psychotherapy.

For profit psychiatry took the treatment protocols for substance
abuse disorders and decided to use them for everyone regardless
of diagnosis.

I am the first to concede that using mindfulness makes life
better in general.

But it is not the first line treatment for illnesses that rob
the brain of its ability concentrate and use reason.

People who are sick enough become homeless need intensive
management and long-term structured treatment

There is an industry in America that thinks it can fill that need:

Mental Illness, Untreated Behind Bars

“Mental health problems are rampant in local jails, often because the illness was a primary factor in the offensive conduct. The cost of caring for and supervising mentally ill inmates makes them two to three times more expensive to house. Once released, they often stop taking their medications, which lands them in trouble with the law and back behind bars.” NYT FEB. 27, 2017


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Reprocessed Video Grab from Institutionalized-Mental Health Behind Bars by VICE News

Private Prison Corporations Profit from Warehousing the Mentally Ill

An alarming trend has emerged give private prison profiteers control of
person’s fate for life, not just the term of a prison sentence.

The CEOs who built billion dollar empires as partners in ‘tough on crime’ policies are adapting to prison reforms by re branding themselves ‘treatment’ providers.

They see the collapse of our public mental health system as an opportunity
to expand and profit from long term psychiatric hospitals, civil commitment centers, and ‘correctional’ treatments.

Correct Care Solutions, formerly known as GEO Care, a spin-off of GEO Group, has deep roots in the private prison industry. Although the company has shifted and changed numerous times over the last few years, CCS currently runs seven “treatment” facilities in Florida, Texas and South Carolina, including five mental health facilities and two civil commitment centers.

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