I lost my Buttons But Now They’re Found

Update: 4/28/18

My social media icons came
back today! Yay!


My Social Media Share Icons
have disappeared!

I can comment but can’t like
or share.

I have access to these icons in
the reader but the posts I want
to read don’t show up.


It’s frustrating.

I will ‘like’ and ‘re-blog’ when WordPress
solves the problem.

Update: 1:42PM. I just noticed the ‘Follow’
option is also gone.

In the meantime I’m using the reader which
let’s me access the ‘share’ icons.

What is going on?


Home-B-Gone Vacation Rentals: San Francisco

We have a problem with affordable housing in San Francisco.

It’s exacerbated by landlords who turn their properties into short-term
rentals for visitors.

The sugary tone of the ads on the Airbnb website inspired this post.

Beautiful San Francisco!

Tour the hipster Mission District or swish the sassy Castro.

This rollicking city thrives on variety and makes it deliciously
easy to live the good life!

Here are just a few of the select vacation rentals exclusive to Home B Gone Rentals:

Balmy Alley

Art by Rob Goldstein
Just a 5 minute walk to a public waste container;  great for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  This luxurious corner is quiet,  East and West exposed, and it is amazingly sunny and bright all day long.  

The decor is a blend of classic and modern styles. Welcome to San Francisco!

Capp Street

Art by Rob Goldstein

A clean space with furnished cart. The alley is filled with light!  An ample crawl space provides a private playground for pets and children!

Just blocks from Precita Park and Bernal Heights

Church Street at Market

Art by Rob Goldstein

This Pristine corner is located near the historic Duboce Triangle neighborhood. Visitors will find a range of transportation options: all MUNI train lines are within a couple blocks, including the Historic F line which travels down Market Street to Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, farmer’s markets, shopping, museums and more.

Market at Dolores

Art by Rob Goldstein
Fully furnished spot, clean with manicured garden. This is Ideally located near the vibrant and historic Mission Dolores across the street from the newly built Whole Foods Store  and just steps away from the dumpsters behind the Safeway on Church and Market. Try the freshly discarded pastries and croissants!

Historic Clarion Alley

Art by Rob Goldstein

Do you love art? You’ll love this quiet alley in San Francisco’s Mission District. Two blocks from BART this alley features modern paintings,  an ample supply of cigarette butts and a concrete deck for passing the day.

Mission at 17th Street

Art by Rob Goldstein

Your private oasis in San Francisco

This luxury spot is located in San Francisco’s thrilling Mission District.  You’ll have the best sleep of your life on our memory mattress with 500 thread count cotton blanket.  So kick off your heels and unwind! You’re home.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Narratives of Displacement


All images and text (c) Rob Goldstein 2016




Flickr Wednesday: Visionheart

This Wednesday I’m reblogging the work of one of my favorite artists

Art by Rob Goldstein

Below is a statement from Visionheart aka Richard S Warner :

Visual creation, for me, is part of a total ‘gestalt’ ( yes, that old word ) that I try to reach through a symbiotic resonance of image, title with text commentary and the suggestion of musical accompaniment. These are the material or effectual aspects of the piece but even these are not the complete ‘picture’.

All the above elements are taken in and perceived differently through each viewer’s individualized consciousness. Physical givens, psychological associations with shapes, color and form, life experience, openness of mind, imagination, personal histories, all have a play on curving the paths of perception to the contours of individuality.

Vision, text and music resonate, collide with, harmonize or enliven by virtue of a series of these inner filters, some conscious, some below that. What is finally ‘seen’ is the result of all of these elements working together…

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