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A moment of gratitude; a reminder to stop and remember our blessings

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I must be doing something right somewhere, though many times I question my own authority as a mother and call myself out for messing up now and again, but when you get a letter from your child’s school authority inviting you to an investiture ceremony because he has been chosen to be the school’s Head Boy, your heart can only swell in pleasure and gratitude.

Believe me, when I say that in a community where the percentage of black children is negligible, nothing prepared my mind to think that my child would be selected. It’s a new precedent for the school to have a black child as their head boy and moments like this make me thankful and a proud mother.

I don’t have all the material wealth to give to these young blessings who adorn my life, all that I have to give is my love, teaching them basic…

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Something ’bout a man on bended knee

To the very core it reveals his humility

Whether asking for a hand

Or fighting for his country

Or seeking the face of his Creator

For direction he so desperately needs

Something ’bout a man on bended knee

Gathering his composure to be strong for me

Humbling himself before the big game

Humbling himself by knowing

Who to thank

Vulnerable before his Maker

Knowing where his strength comes from

Not wanting to make a move without Him

Not embarrassed to become undone

Something ’bout a man on bended knee

Who lays his pride aside

Recognizing there’s One greater

Guiding him during the day

Watching him overnight

Something ’bout a man on bended knee

Rising from the ashes valiantly

Recovering from every fall

Admitting he doesn’t know it all

Not afraid to stand again

Strategy in sight

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