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Why a Civil War, The Voting Rights Act and the Presidential Defeat of a Carnival Barker Did Not End America’s Race Dance

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Featured Blogger: Kendall F. Person

I  first met Kendall F. Person in July of 2015,

I left a comment on Kendall’s blog about mental health and Kendall’s response was to write a post about Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Kendall is one of the most genuine and honorable people I have the pleasure to know.

This month’s featured blogger: Kendall F. Person.

“Rob invited me to formally introduce myself to his blogging community of friends and readers on Art by Rob Goldstein.

Some of you already know me but for those of you who don’t, my name is Kendall F. Person from The Neighborhood.

I began the Neighborhood in 2012.

It is my privilege to work with some of the best writers, musicians and artists on the Internet or in the underground.

The artists who collaborate with each other on the projects we organize create a blog post that we call a performance.

Our goal as a community is to bring a sense of theater to what we do; the kind of theater that invites the audience to join the show.

The Neighborhood, has taught me that when people dedicate their talents to the common cause of making a better world we have the power to do anything.

Rob also asked me to discuss The Neighborhood’s  ‘Week of Peace’.

I am driven by the idea of peace and consider myself an activist. 

My skill as a writer is a gift and a way for me to make a contribution
to the World.

The best way to understand The Neighborhood is to visit this community of writers and artists to see what we do.

So, please take a peace sign and click the link below to join the discussion
already in progress:

 Throw up your Peace Signs!