Pride 2018: The United States of Everyone

This Pride Month, 2018, let us speak of liberation


Photyograph of a sign at an anti-Trump Rally which reads an Injury to one is an Injury to all
An Injury to One is an Injury to All

I am a proud warrior for social justice.

I’ve been at it for most of my life.

I am not nostalgic for the gay and feminist movements
of the late 20th Century.

I see these movements as unfinished business.

The Civil Rights Movement is not over.

To paraphrase Hillary Clinton:

The civil rights of people of color are Human Rights

The civil rights of women are Human Rights

The civil rights of LGBTQ people are Human Rights.

The Civil Rights of Immigrants are Human Rights.

The right of equal access to schools, housing and medical care
are Human Rights.

We seek the liberation of all human beings from all forms
of bondage

This Pride Month, 2018,  let us speak of liberation.

Let us unite with people of good will regardless of race, creed, gender,
gender identity, sexuality, religion, and political affiliation; let us unite to
liberate ourselves from the stifling oppression of a corrupt and toxic patriarchy.

(c) Rob Goldstein 2018

Memorial Day, 2018 – Who Died? -Update-

The best way to honor those who died is for the living to protect and defend
our democracy and the rule of law.

That’s why I have prefaced this post with my concerns about Trump’s immigration policies and the 1500 ‘lost’ children.

Update May 26, 2018

There is more news regarding the Trump Administration’s Immigration

From CNN:

Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez traveled 1,500 miles to the United States, hoping to find a job and a better future. Shortly after she set foot in Texas, a Border Patrol agent shot and killed her.

Gomez Gonzalez’s shooting Wednesday drew international attention after a bystander posted video of the aftermath on Facebook Live, showing her lying on the ground, bleeding.
She came to the US for a better life. Moments after arrival, she was killed
Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez traveled 1,500 miles to the United States, hoping to find a job and a better future. Shortly after she set foot in Texas, a Border Patrol agent shot and killed her.

Call your Senator at 202-225-3121 to demand accountability from the Trump Administration.

And this guy is Scott Lloyd, the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)

Call him at 202-401-9246 and ask him to find the missing children. #WhereAreTheChildren


Our President is owned by the leader of a nation that enslaves
its poor and has no laws against child pornography:

Screen Shot from the Global Slavery Index describing Russia's use of children in its sex industry.
The Global Slavery Index

70 years after the United States and our allies defeated the racist disease
of fascism the President of the United States is implementing an immigration
policy that hurts and kills innocent people.

Our President rips children from the arms of their Mothers in the name
of making America great.

70 years after defeating the racist disease of fascism 1500 immigrant
children are missing because of the fascist policies of an American President.

If you are reading this post, please take a moment to call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE
and ask them #WhereAreTheChildren?

A processed still of the opening title of "Who Died" a video about the men who died fighting fascism during World War 2.
Who Died – 1945

‘Who Died’ is a five minute memorial to the young men who died
in the 1944 Invasion of France.

It speaks to the sacrifice of all young men and woman who give
their lives to preserve and protect American democracy.

Written, introduced, and narrated by novelist Betty Smith, author of
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” the film answers the question “Who died?”

Betty Smith: “I’ve just been told that over 3,000 of our American boys
died in the first eleven days of the invasion of France.

Who died? I’ll tell you who died.

Not so many years ago, there was a little boy sleeping in his crib. In the night, it thundered and lightninged. He woke and cried out in fear.

His mother came and fixed his blankets and said, ‘Don’t cry. Nothing will
ever hurt you.

He died.”

From the Technique newspaper

‘Who Died?’ – 1945

Description at National Archives: “Designed to sell war bonds, this picture requests the purchase of and retention of war bonds.”

National Archives Identifier: 11823





I am not an Animal

I am a human being.

Re-processed digitized image scanned from an oil painting by Eastman Johnson, A Ride for Liberty, The Fugitive Slaves
A Ride for Liberty – The Fugitive Slaves

Do you agree with me?