Etchings In Stone

“Etchings In Stone” from Jan Sikes

Writing and Music

I’ll never forget coming home from work one evening in 2002, to find Rick excited about a new song project.

We were in the planning stages for his new CD, “Etchings In Stone,” and he wanted someone to collaborate with him in writing the title track. He’d reached out to several of his songwriter friends, but so far no one had been inspired. That was until that day.

He told me to go to the phone in the bedroom and he placed a call, then yelled for me to pick up.

I did and found our good friend, John Beam, on the other end.

“John’s written the song I need to put on the album,” Rick said.

Then he proceeded to ask John to play and sing it. Tears ran down my cheeks while I listened and I had chill bumps all over. The song was the profound emotion-filled…

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MarySmith’sPlace -Remembering Silvana

A splendid post from Mary Smith

Mary Smith's Place

Artist Silvana McLean sadly passed away last year and The Whitehouse Gallery in Kirkcudbright, south west Scotland is paying tribute to this wonderful artist with a solo exhibition of her work.

credit Euan Adamson (2) credit Euan Adamson

As well as a large collection of Silvana’s prints and original paintings, there will also be items on loan from her family, such as a much treasured painting called ‘The Lighthouse’, which was part of Silvana’s school work, submitted in her application to Art School.

25-5-16 FOLD (Oil on canvas) 1000wx1000mm (2) Fold (This is my favourite painting. I could lose myself in it forever)

Something very special to me will also be on display – a portfolio of Silvana’s prints accompanied by five of my poems. This was the result of an arts project on which Silvana and I collaborated.

In 2007 when we were commissioned by Scottish Natural Heritage to work on a project called ‘Voices of Glentrool & Merrick’ Silvana…

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Steven “Jesse” Bernstein: Tribute

from Crazywriterof6


WARNING: This poetry can be very depressing and cause anxiety in some. Please read or listen to with caution for your own emotional state. Jesse is also a genius in his expressions and descriptive poetry.

Mr. Bernstein was an amazing “Spoken Word” poet that went through way too much. His birthday was on December 4th. Rather then tribute his suicide (A loss for all), I prefer to celebrate his birthday. I thought I would introduce some of you to his poetry. Remember it can get rough.

I hope to publish some spoken word poems of my work on here someday.

Enjoy and please take pay attention to the warning above. I relate to this poem. Never having self-esteem ever for my looks… FACE And of course MORE NOISE

I hope you find a new poet you love listening to him…

Steven Jesse Bernstein — Face


More Noise by Steven…

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The End of Prince’s Purple “Reign”

A touching tribute to Prince.

Being Lydia!

0128-prince-getty-3 Photo Credit: Getty

Kay was over for lunch today and was surfing the net while I fried fish cakes. All of a sudden she said, “oh no, please say this isn’t real.” Right away I asked who died and she said, “Prince.”

I will be honest, the first thought that came into my fibro-fogged head was that Prince Phillip or Prince Charles or Prince William, etc. had died and that is pretty awful at any time but especially on Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday!

But a millisecond later (in a shorter time than it took to write that run-on sentence) I realized she was talking about Prince Rogers Nelson, another major player in the world of music. He gave many stars their big breaks including Sheila E, Sinead O’Connor, Sheena Easton and many, many more!

Prince was not always charming, having gone to battle with Warner Bros. regarding his contract, which…

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