Monkey’s Birthday Weekend Share #27

Blog party on ‘Its good to be crazy Sometimes’

Its good to be crazy Sometimes

Its Thursday at 7pm in the UK and that can only mean one thing

blog party1

Thats right, its time for the weekend share. I hope you are excited? If not why not? Get excited right this second. This time 6 years ago I was just going into labour ,  the fact Monkey is still learning to read and to be honest, unless you are blogging about lego, he really doesn’t care, but its a time to celebrate because I am celebrating, so we all might as well celebrate. As its his 6th birthday there is going to be finger dip foods, such as sausage rolls, prawns, chicken nuggets, pizza, chips. Drinks shall be juice or water.

If you have never done this before, give it a go, you lose maybe 30 seconds of your life adding a link and you never know who might see it, I will, my mum probably will…

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A Birthday blog party! Check it out!

Its good to be crazy Sometimes

On the 2nd March I am having a birthday party here at my blog. Of course you are all invited.

We are going to mingle and chat, cause you know, this is the internet and for people who suffer from mental health problems, this is the best way to party.

I would love you all to come and meet new people, of course I am going to mention this a few times, cause I have two weeks to go to celebrate the day I was born.

And I have also discovered that another blogger has the same birthday. Nikki is a new blogger that I have followed. Please pop over and say hello 🙂

Please feel free to reblog this. The more the merrier

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