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Girl Truths Unseen 1Unsplash, Steinar Engeland

Last time I put it to a vote — should I do something darkly different from my other blog stories.  Almost everyone said yes.  Although the story is “there,” I’m still not sure I can write it.  The telling is difficult.

Sigh… Okay, here goes nothing!

Even though sunshine is sorely absent from this story — and the content will sometimes be raw and difficult, as a writer I’m still not given to extremes. You need not expect gore, violence, sex, or profanity in excess.  Although there likely will be some.  Those things exist in this story, even if I don’t go into explicit detail with them.

I need the sunlight. That’s why I haven’t been able to start this dank, dark, deplorable diatribe.  It’s not a fantasy, though it may bear little semblance to the worlds any of you have known.  For your sake, I certainly hope it does…

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Often inliterary criticism, writers are told that a character isn’t likable, as if a character’s likability is directly proportional to the quality of a novel’s writingRoxane Ga


I was going through a news archive, of one of my favourite writer, a feminist, a fellow countryman and a woman by gender. I came across one of her recent speech and I thought I should share with my ever interactive friends.

The award winning author and renowned feminist thinker Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gave a speech  at the 2015 Girls Write Now Awards ceremony about the pitfalls and stupidity of pursuing likability.

Well if you don’t know, I live in a world where women are taught from a young age to be inoffensive, loving and working to avoid “stains” but Adichie thinks that wrong and had her heart bare laid bare to the world.

She thinks this attitude and pressure…

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