Rob’s Saturday News Wrap Up, December 15, 2018

Here are a few of the reports I watched this week.

My focus is the United States and the hysterics of our Red Queen of a president but I do include reports from France and the U.K.

I use multiple news outlets to verify facts.

Professional fact based journalism is not a liberal conspiracy.

The facts of a story don’t change when reported by credible journalists.

A good reporter tells you when she has moved from fact to analyses and opinion.

The GOP wants to brand hostility to Putin’s vision of America as a blatantly corrupt totalitarian state as a leftist plot.

My Father raised me to believe that targeting a group of people for persecution and extermination is the ultimate act of human evil.

The penultimate act of human evil is watching people suffer and die in silence.

I will not sit silently and watch Latin immigrants become the TrumpGOP’s ‘Jews’.

I will not have this stain on my country.

In Trump’s America, we who stand for democracy and human rights are the conservatives.

Eleanor Roosevelt holds up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Eleanor Roosevelt holds up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This list of videos is not comprehensive, please feel free to add fact based links  to news items of your own in the comments section.

Special counsel to reveal new details on Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort-CBS

Ex-FBI chief James Comey speaks after House hearing-CBS

Mueller filings pose growing peril for Trump | Meet The Press | NBC News

House Republicans Release James Comey Closed-Door Hearing Transcript | NBC Nightly News

Adam Schiff says Trump faces “real prospect of jail time” after leaving office – Face the Nation

French President Emmanuel Macron On Paris Riots: ‘I Take My Share Of Responsibility’ | NBC News

Carl Bernstein: This could make the world tremble-CNN

Jamal Khashoggi’s last words: ‘I can’t breathe’

Theresa May delays UK Brexit vote – CNN

Michael Cohen Speaks Out Against Trump -ABC

FBI Foils Two Unrelated Terror Plots – NBC

Trump Threatens Shutdown in Meeting with Top Democrats: PBS

How a 7-Year-Old Migrant Girl Died While in U.S. Detention: PBS

‘If you Google the word idiot, a picture of Donald Trump comes up’ – BBC News

Robert Mueller slams Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI: CNN

Maria Butina Admits Being An Agent Of Russia, Will Help US Prosecutors | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Laurence Tribe: President Donald Trump Can Be Indicted For Federal Crimes | The Last Word | MSNBC

Opinion | Republicans are choosing party over country


Photo of the cover of the December 2017 National Enquirer at the local Safeway.

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Each one Teach One: How do Russia’s Lies Distort our Perceptions

The previous video, Meet the KGB Spies Who Invented Fake News, breaks down a Russian lie about the origin of the AIDS virus: it was a lie that distorted my view of the Federal Government for decades.

The lie was the U.S. Government created AIDS and used it on Gays.

A screenshot of a newspaper headline that reads AIDS is a U.S. Biological Attack on African-Americans and Gays
A headline that reads AIDS is a U.S. Biological Attack on African-Americans and Gays.

Reagan’s homophobic response to AIDS gave power to Russia’s lie.

I could believe his government used my people to test a weapon.

In truth, Ronald Reagan was simply a homophobe in a culture of institutional homophobia.

Reagan was a man of his time.

The #LGBTQ community continued to challenge the law and the Constitution prevailed: we won the right to serve our country and legally marry.

One of the goals of Russian information warfare is to create a society in which we can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction. Brookings

This second video from the New York Times dissects the seven point strategy Russia uses when it launches a cyber attack.

How did Russia’s lies distort your perception of our government during the 2016 campaign?

A Fake YouTube video that falsely claims the U.S. welfare system supports Muslim men who have four wives
A Fake YouTube video that smears Muslims. Source, the New York Times.

I urge you to watch the third video, ‘How Disinformation Is Taking Over the World’

A screenshot from a New York Times video that explains how Russian disinformation affects Americans
How Do Russia’s Lies Distort Your Perceptions of Reality

I do not own the video or images in the post.

Sunday’s Meditation: If You Want to Achieve Greatness, Stop Asking For Permission




A Definition of Evil

“I was motivated by absolutely humane feelings. I never had any other intention. I never had any other belief than that those poor miserable creatures-that the painful lives of these creatures were to be shortened.”

Karl Brandt, the physician who suggested that Hitler use poison gas to exterminate the Jews.

Portrait of Dr. Karl Brandt

To Karl Brandt, the people he murdered weren’t human.

They were creatures.

They were “those” poor miserable creatures.

Brandt told himself that killing Jews was an act of mercy; the behavior
of a civilized man.

M. Scott Peck, the psychiatrist who authored, The Road Less Traveled, described evil as a form of “militant ignorance“.

He addressed human evil in “People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil“.

According to Peck an evil person tells himself he’s doing good to keep up
an image of perfection.


  • Deceive others as a consequence of their own self-deception
  • Project their sins onto specific targets (scapegoats) while being
    apparently normal with everyone
  • Commonly hates with the pretense of love, for the purposes of self-deception as much as deception of others.
  • Abuses political (emotional) power (“the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion”
  • Maintains a high level of respectability based on lies.
  • Is consistent in his or her sins. Evil persons are characterized not so much by the magnitude of their sins, but by their consistency (of destructiveness)
  • Is unable to think from the viewpoint of their victim (scapegoat)

For me, the most horrific aspect of the violence I experienced as a child was the worst anti-Semitic beatings were given by adults in the neighborhood.

I was that Jew.

That Christ killer.

The adults at that time felt they had a moral duty to debase and humiliate

How is it different today?

How does it feel to the six-year-old son of impoverished immigrants who hears his parents described vermin?

What happens when a society abuses children as a matter of policy?

What happens to America with a President who incites violence?

M. Scott Peck defines evil as the use of cruelty against people who
cannot defend themselves.