Catching Angels

Catching Angels

Small screen works best with this video.

A Video mash-up made from The Electric Sheep Archives

The soundtrack is a cropped license audio free clip called
Catching Angels. It came from YouTube.

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Electric Sheep is a distributed computing project for animating and evolving fractal flames, which are in turn distributed to the networked computers, which display them as a screensaver.

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A Civics Lesson for 21st Century Americans as We Return to the 1950s

Cover of the 1955 recording of Roger's and Hammerstein's Oklahoma
Oklahoma! (1955 film cast) found on the Internet Archives

With all the talk of America’s return to the 1950′s I thought Americans
should know what we need to have in place to help President
Trump make our return a success.

A collage of Donald Trump as a 1950's greaser riding a bike in front of the White House with Hillary Clinton falling off. His shrt reads 'if you can read this the Bitch fell off'
Make America Great Again – ‘America…in T Shirts’
by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

The sense of community and the income equality of the
1950’s were the result of two generations who forged a new social
contract out of shared suffering.

The older generation had fought and won World War One and
the young adults had fought World War Two or had older siblings
who fought. Some women served in the military.

Women also fought on the home front by going to work in
the factories.

Photograph of a woman working in a factory in the 1940's
Woman in the Factory- 1940’s – Public Domain.

The people of that time decided the use their government
to fund public services and to regulate the excesses of pure

All men upon reaching the age of 18  were required to either
serve in the military or serve in their communities.

This forced men of different classes to meet each other as equals which
fostered a measure of respect and understanding between the classes.

Black and White AP photograph of Elvis Presley being sworn into the army
Elvis Sworn into the Army, 1958
By Associated Press – Public Domain

The people of the 1950’s also voted to create a public fund for themselves which they called Social Security.

This fund was a way to prevent fellow citizens from falling into poverty in old age.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Universal World Reference Encyclopedia: Social Security

The America of the 1950’s was an America that rejected poverty in the form
of homelessness.

Women had the vote but very little power in the workforce or in politics.

Racial equality varied from state to state.

Economically, the people of the 1950’s believed in progressive taxes,
regulated utilities, fully funded public education and community service.

If we’re returning to the 1950’s, we might as well get it right.

I offer this film by Encyclopaedia Britannica.

It was used in the high school civics classes of the time.

The film, Despotism was produced in 1946.

This is how the Establishment of the 1950’s defined Democracy and good citizenship.

As communities go, so goes the Nation.

screenshot from Despotism by Encyclopaedia Britannica Films which shows a scale between democracy and despotism
Where does your community stand?

Where does your community stand on a scale between Democracy and Despotism?

Rob Goldstein(c) 2016







Jack and Belinda: Ascension

Jack and Belinda: Ascension, is a short video that I made for the Season Close of Kendall Person’s “A Star is Born.”

Ascension One
Jack and Belinda was an ongoing narrative fashioned by Kendall.

I was first introduced to them while playing #TAG.

The two avatars in these images are representations of two of my alternates, Mateo and Sara.

The making of this video represents progress because the alternates that use Second Life learned to collaborate with each other.

Ascension Two

Mateo, represented by the African-American avatar, took the lead.

His video deviated a bit from Kendall’s story line.

In Kendall’s version (if I recall correctly, and there is a 10% chance that I do) Jack and Belinda have never met and Jack dies before they do.

Ascension Three

The thought of separating Jack and Belinda horrified Mateo.

As Mateo imagined it, Jack and Belinda are both dead, but Belinda doesn’t know that she’s dead.

Jack comes down to take her up with him in a dance of ascension.

RG (c) 2015

The outfits on the avatars are designed by Gizza.