Felique Dupré in the Haunted World: Felique Steals Credibility

Felique Duprix sang a gentle lullaby to the little girl clamped between her knees.

“Ladies and Gentlemen/Take my advice, pull down your pants/And slide on hot ice”

The girl’s Mother wept when the train rolled out of Hootersville but Stella knew it was for the best; her little girl would lead a more charming and sophisticated life with Felique.

Stella,” said Felique, “Take off that tacky dress and give me your daughter.

Now, the little girl is a prisoner on the Amtrak to Hell.

The train rocked and rocked and a South of the Border rolled by.

“I want my Muthuh!” said the girl.

A South of the Border rolls by…

“A hag in rags?” replied Felique.

A South of the Border rolled by…

But she’s my Muthuh.”

A South of the Border rolls by…

“Well. So is God in his own way!”

A South of the Border rolls by…

The little girl pulls out her notebook
and writes a poem:

Mommy cried


Trina left.

tiny lizards


sharp little


fell from

her eyes

and ran down



She closes her notebook and waits:

a South of the Border rolls by.

(c) Rob Goldstein 2017 All Rights Reserved

A Flight of Ideas: Tats

I grabbed Judy’s arm:

“If Mary had been his girlfriend things woulda been easier!”

Judy gave me some Haldol and went back to her charting.

Jimmy, I thought, grabbing myself by the short-hairs; you should
forget this aggression: join the Army, put on a show; a thousand
lights search the sky, the shadow of a star taped on glass.

Who do you think Judy thinks she is?

White woman savaged by selves.

“Tell it to the Huns,” I say.

I strip to wrap my arms around Ronnie’s bare chest.

I listen to his beating heart; “You made people
think you cared so they blame themselves for being

“Is that why you want to kill me?”

Nah,” I say. “I just wanna leave without paying.”

(c) Rob Goldstein 2017 All Rights Reserved

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Inspiration With E Are you a survivor? Can you inspire someone in a 1 minute video or less? What inspires you? Art, comedy, music? My new labor of love @InspirationWithE is something that I’m SUPER excited about! It’s a space where I raise awareness while combining my love for fellow survivors, multicultural diversity, ALL genres […]

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Crazy Mothers, crazy fathers, everyone saving each other
bleeding phone calls to cousins who call uncles who call
brothers; from San Francisco to Michigan, everyone knows
you’re not doing well.

I don’t know what Michigan looks like.

I imagine a perfect square.

There are several thousand squares in Michigan called lawns.

There is a lake: its water flows from corner to corner.


(c) Rob Goldstein November 08, 1984 All Rights Reserved